5 Best Backpacks for Traveling with Toddlers

best backpacks for traveling with toddlers

Who said you have to wait to travel until your kids grow up? With as much ease and facility as the manufacturers have provided, you can now travel with your toddler across the world without panicking. There is a wide variety of tools and equipment that help you make your travels highly convenient and comfortable. Thankfully, one of them is travel backpacks!

While it is not always possible to roll your suitcases down the streets, airports and hotels, you can carry a backpack anywhere, anytime. A backpack is the best option when travelling with toddlers as it frees your hands. You can easily carry your baby in arms or move his pram. Also, it is a better option when travelling a crowded place such as narrow alleys, markets, restaurants or historical sites.

So, we have formulated a list of 5 best travel backpacks along with reviews to help make travelling easy with your toddler.

What to Look for in a Toddler Travel Backpack?

But first, let’s look into some key considerations for buying the right travel backpack.

Build and Design

It is good to go for a backpack that has padded built, especially padded shoulders. A travel-friendly design distributes weight evenly and does not put any strain on your shoulders or back.


Capacity defines how much stuff you can put in your backpack. More the capacity, easier to pack in all the necessary items. Choose a backpack with a lot of storage area and organizational units. 


Some backpacks are made of high quality cotton fabric while others are leather or polyester. It is better to pick weather-resistant material to suffer well in all weather conditions.


A travel backpack should be lightweight so you do not have to carry the weight of the backpack in addition to stuff inside.

Top 5 Travel Backpacks for Travelling with Toddlers

Here’s a list of top 5 travel backpacks for travelling with toddlers.

5.  Upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack


The Upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack features a lot of space that allows easy organization of all your essential stuff. As the name suggests, it is carefully designed to cater the needs of a mom with a toddler.

This diaper bag includes layered compartments so you can easily carry your baby’s diapers or nappies to clean and change him on the go. A baby always cries when he is dirty. For a happy and cheerful journey, it is important to change your baby right after he poops.

The good thing about this backpack is the side slots where you can keep wipes. You can approach these side slots with a single hand without having to take the bag off. Also, it comes with an anti-thief pocket to keep your cell phone or wallet securely. This greatly helps if you do not want to carry an additional handbag.

It has a zipper on the front to keep small things like a charger, sunglasses, etc. and a main zipper with a wide opening. The shoulder pads are 2.2 inches wide, making it easy to wear for moms, no matter slim or healthy. Made of antifriction oxford fabric, it weighs less than 2 lbs. and so, its lightweight largely adds to the comfort.

Comes with a USB Charging Port

Now what makes Upsimples Diaper Bag Backpack is that it has a USB charging port. This way, you can easily use and charge your phone. This comes into use when you don’t have time to charge your phone at the hotel or plane.

Water Resistant: Another great thing about this backpack is its water resistant fabric. This makes sure it endures all weather conditions and your stuff remains protected. So if you are looking for a comfortable and multifunctional travel backpack for toddler needs, this is definitely a great option to consider!

4. Ticent Diaper Bag Backpack


Here’s another diaper bag backpack coming from Ticent. It is a multifunctional backpack to handle all your mom needs. It features large capacity and enough storage to keep all the diaper basics.

Ticent Diaper Bag Backpack has separate storage pockets to make sure you pack all the essential stuff along. You can easily carry a water bottle, milk bottle, baby diapers, changing mat, wipes and baby clothes – all in one place. With its wide opening design, you get instant access to whatever you need. Also, it has a side pocket to keep cleaning wipes. This greatly helps in time of emergency for instance, if your baby spills milk or vomits.

Made of cotton textured Oxford fabric, it is very durable and versatile. Moreover, shoulder straps are padded and adjustable. This prevents fatigue and offers a comfortable traveling experience.

When it comes to the weight, it weighs 12.8 ounces only, making it extremely lightweight and convenient to carry. Coming under $30, it is really affordable and makes a great travel partner.


The best thing about this backpack is its waterproof ability. No matter what the kind of weather, you need not worry as its fabric keeps your stuff safe.

Unisex Design: Another great thing is its unisex built and design. The simple yet perfect travel style allows both the parents to share the burden. So whether you are looking for a mom bag or a dad bag, this makes a considerable option. SO what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this comfortable and stylish unisex travel backpack to have an amazing, carefree trip with your toddler.

3.  ICEIVY Baby Backpack


The ICEIVY Baby Backpack is another needed mention on the list.  It comes with a lot of storage compartments and zippers to organize your stuff. 14 total pockets, isn’t that amazing?

When you know where you kept a certain thing, it is easier to access it without wasting any time. Giving your baby what he needs instantly helps in dealing with baby tantrums.

Its insulation pockets keep the water or milk warm for hours. Its high quality fabric ensures reliable traveling and organizing experience throughout your journey.

Easy Lower Back AccessEasy Lower Back Access

It comes with a lower back zipper to offer easy access to what you placed at the bottom. This way, you won’t have to take your bag off, open the top zipper and dig into stuff to take out things from the bottom. This largely adds to the multifunctioning of this travel backpack.

You might not realize the benefit now but when it comes handy, you will be grateful for having this baby backpack. Ask experienced mom travelers!

Stroller Straps and PU Handles: Another great thing is the stroller straps. You can use these straps to hang the bag with a baby stroller when you are too tired of carrying it on your back. Also, it features PU handles to carry it in hand, if not the shoulders. So, this backpack is really flexible and can be adjusted as per your needs. Coming under $25, it can be a great investment. You will thank us and yourself later for choosing this travel backpack.

2. Fossil Women’s Camilla Leather Backpack


Here’s what most women desire to have! The Fossil Women’s Camilla Leather Backpack is something that does not seem like too mommy. So even if you are on a vacation with your baby, you can take a break from being a typical 24/7 mom.

In the case of this backpack, stylish design does not mean less storage. It has enough room to fit in your essentials such as water bottle, diaper basics, baby clothes, snacks, toys and what not. You will be amazed at how much you can stuff in this bag. The flexible tote shape allows it to accommodate all your essentials. You can even keep a laptop or tablet in it.

Convertible Design

This backpack features a breathtaking, convertible design. You can use it as a shoulder tote as well as a backpack, depending on your needs and level of fatigue. So whether you are just traveling away for a weekend or more than that, this is the most modern and stylish backpack to get.

Made of Leather: Another fascinating thing about this backpack is its material. Made of leather, it is the most durable and weather-resistant backpack. Be it summers or winters, you can totally rely on this backpack. Coming under $200, it might seem a bit pricey but given the material, style and versatility, it definitely makes the best choice if you want to buy a 2-in-1 bag for yourself and your baby. Who knows what you are carrying in this shoulder tote? Wear it as you want and you will be the coolest mom!

1. eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack


The last and another amazing travel backpack with toddlers on our list is eBags Mother Lode Travel Backpack. Looking at it, one can instantly figure out that it is designed keeping in view everything a toddler’s mom would wish for.

Its main compartment offers generous storage to pack in everything you require on the trip. Be it a small weekend trip or long summer vacations, it comes with ample room to store your on-the-go basics. With its multiple organization pockets and secure straps, the manufacturer has made sure that your accessories and essentials remain easily accessible.

It comes in different colors like black, garnet, graphite, navy and eggplant. Choose the one you like the most.

However, due to added weight of trolley wheels and handle, this backpack weighs 4.33 lbs. So if you are going to carry it on your shoulders most of the time, it can be tiring.

‘Roll or Carry’ 2-in-1 Design

The best thing about this travel backpack is its 2-in-1 design. This allows you to carry it as a backpack on your shoulders or roll it on the wheels as a trolley. Converting it from trolley to backpack is a matter of seconds. So roll where it’s easy and wear it on your back where it’s crowded. As simple as that!

Lockable Zippers: This is what travelers wish to have in their bags – lockable zippers. This travel backpack comes with zipper locks to keep your stuff secure and protected from any unfortunate incidents.

Travel Backpacks with Toddlers FAQs

1.  What material is best for traveling with a toddler?

When travelling with a toddler, it is best to get a travel backpack with high quality material such as leather. No matter what season you travel in, a high quality fabric is not prone to wear and tear. Also, it remains a good travel partner for years.

2.  What to carry in my backpack when travelling with my toddler?

As a parent, you will definitely know that better. However, make sure you carry some snacks, water bottle/milk bottle, wipes, diapers, changing sheet, spare clothes and some toys for your baby. As for yourself, keep some essentials such as a charger, camera, lipstick, sunglasses, etc.

However, do not stuff everything as it will increase the weight, making it inconvenient to carry on your back.

3.  What type of straps should a toddler travel backpack have?

A toddler travel backpack must have padded straps. It does not put any extra strain on your shoulders and help have a comfortable walk.

4.  What is better – backpack or suitcase?

Backpack is a whole lot better than a suitcase when travelling with a baby. It makes sure your hands are free to hold your baby and take care of him. Also, it is easier to walk down crowded places and avoid hassle.

5.  What is the ideal size of a travel backpack when travelling with kids?

The ideal size actually depends on your needs but it should not be too big. You should get a backpack that is spacious enough to carry your baby’s essentials.


Versatile and big-sized backpacks have made travelling with toddlers really convenient. You can simply pack your baby’s essentials in the backpack and carry it on your shoulders. All you have to do is make an informed purchase. We recommend going for a padded, durable and lightweight backpack.

Also, you can share the backpack on turns with your partner to give your back and shoulder a relief from time to time! We hope you enjoy and select the best backpacks for traveling with toddlers from our guide.

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