5 Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Best Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Climbers, especially those with wide feet, usually face a lot of difficulty when buying climbing shoes. It is important to know right at the start that climbing shoes come in two different types: narrow feet and wide feet. If you are looking for the best climbing shoes for wide feet, you have landed at the right place.

Good climbing shoes ensure great fit, improved performance, and protection from any injuries like bruises or calluses. Also, the best climbing shoes are ones that offer durability and good value for money. With a number of climbing shoes brands out there, it is challenging to pick the one that caters all your needs.

Here’s a review list of 5 best climbing shoes for wide feet to help you make an informed decision.

What to Consider before Buying Climbing Shoes for Wide Feet

Before we jump into the products, it is important to go through some significant factors to consider when buying wide feet climbing shoes. It makes sure you have the right perspective when going through the products. So, here we go!

Level of Experience

Your experience matters a lot. It is not plausible to buy aggressive and expert climbing shoes for a beginner. Always shop according to your level of experience.

Climbing Preferences

There are different kinds of climbing – rock climbing, steep climbing, bouldering, etc. Not all shoes are designed for every climbing type. So, make sure you buy the one that is specifically designed for your climbing preference. 


If you prefer stability and topnotch performance, leather is the best option. However, if you are looking for comfort, go for synthetic fabric.


Downturn depends on level of experience. Beginners choose moderate while experts prefer aggressive downturn. 

Top 5 Wide Feet Climbing Shoes

Here goes the list of the top 5 wide feet climbing shoes. Read on!

5.  Evolv Shaman – The Top Pick

Evolv Shaman – The Top Pick

The Evolv Shaman stands atop best climbing shoes for wide feet and the credit goes to its great design and amazing performance. You will be glad to know that Shaman won Climbing Magazine’s editor choice award in 2012 and 8 years later, it still remains the top choice of expert climbers, says Kai Lightner.

Despite its aggressive downturn, Shaman is highly comfortable. It allows convenient wear and incredible fit. As it comes to the closure system, Shaman features velcro straps for a good, secure fit.

Are you wondering if Shaman is great for all climbing types? It certainly is. Whether you want to go bouldering, steep climbing or gym climbing, it won’t disappoint you.

High Quality Synthetic Leather

When it comes to the material, Shaman is made of high-quality synthetic leather. This guarantees exceptional performance, high stability and durability. As your feet adjust, you won’t have to worry about replacing your climbing shoes anytime soon.

Rubber Patch over Toes: The best thing about Evolv Shaman is the rubber patch on the toes. This helps prevent any wears as well as injuries to your toes while hard rock climbing. This makes it great for use on overhung terrains. Coming under $200, Evolv Shaman delivers great value for money. Who would not want a great pair of climbing shoes at such an affordable price? We totally recommend investing in Evolv Shaman to make the most out of climbing.

4. La Sportiva Miura VS – Best Unisex Choice


The La Sportiva Miura VS is one of the best climbing shoes from La Sportiva range of wide feet shoes. La Sportiva’s narrow feet shoes are more popular but it invests equal effort and consideration when it comes to climbers with wide feet.

When it comes to manufacturing, its edges, heels and smears, everything is as great as any other best climbing shoes on the market. Even if you are climbing over narrow edges and steep hills, these shoes offer all the stability and endurance you need. It boosts your confidence and comfort.

Unisex Design

The best thing about Miura VS is that it offers a unisex design. So be it men or women, this makes a great option. It comes in black and yellow color to make it look good on any of the sexes.

High Quality Leather: Made of high quality leather, these do not feel heavy while wearing. And, these are great for bouldering and sport climbing alike. Make sure you choose the right size as leather stretches. If you are looking for a great combination of comfort, stability and performance, La Sportiva Miura VS is a considerable option. Coming around $350, it might be an expensive fit but you won’t regret investing in this pair of climbing shoes. 

3.  Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym – Best for Beginners 

La Sportiva Miura VS – Best Unisex Choice

If you are just taking on climbing as your passion, Five Ten Men’s Anasazi Moccasym is the best choice for beginners on the market. Five Ten has a well-reputed name in industry. Over the years, it has produced durable, reliable and affordable shoes for wide feet. We believe you won’t end up disappointed.

It features rubber and leather built. This provides you all the fit and stability you need. In terms of comfort and performance. Anasazi Moccasym finds no match, especially in the beginner range.

Adjusts over Time

As leather stretches, your feet will fit just right and it won’t be painful. Also, it gives you a great boost from time to time. Wearing these shoes up the rocks makes you feel like a champion already. If you keep up high spirits, there’s no way you do not excel with these great climbing shoes.

Slip-on Closure: Its slip-on closure allows easy wear. You do not have to lace them up or tighten velcro straps every now and then. Just slide your feet in and you are good to go! Also, they offer a size guide so make sure you attempt the right purchase. Anasazi Moccasyam are available under $130, making them budget-friendly climbing shoes. So even if you feel like they do not fit right, there’s nothing to regret about.

2. Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS – Best Synthetic Climbing Shoes


The Scarpa Men’s Instinct VS comes into play if you are not a fan of leather as most of the climbers out there. Even some expert climbers do not feel it right in leather climbing shoes. Made of high quality textile, this is a high quality footwear to consider.

Both the grip and fit are incredible, making Instinct VS durable climbing shoes. With such a cool and catchy design, you get great confidence. Also, you can wear these shoes to the gym.

Velcro Closure

When it comes to the closure, Instinct VS features velcro straps. This eliminates the need of having to tie up your laces on the track. All you need to is slide your feet and fit the velcro straps. The alignment and constant fit will amaze you!

100% Textile Manufacturing: Scarpa claims Instinct VS to be 100% textile and we do not doubt it at all for Scarpa is known to deliver what it claims. The best thing about this pair of climbing shoes is aggressive fit. While most of the synthetic shoes do not offer aggressive fit, it is the opposite with Instinct VS. Also, if a beginner wants to move to a newer and better option, this is it! You won’t have to struggle with adjustment and we guarantee top performance. Pick the right size and you won’t have to deal with any kind of pains or bruises. Priced around $250, Scarpa Instinct VS delivers great value for money. So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this great pair of wide feet climbing shoes!

1. Butora Acro – Good Value for Money


The Butora Acro, coming from the well-known house of Butora, features a great design for wide feet climbing shoes. It offers great comfort despite aggressive downturn. This means that even on the steepest climbs, you are going to enjoy great performance and convenient fit.

Butora Acro makes perfect climbing shoes for steep climbing and bouldering alike. Made of suede leather, this is a durable piece to invest in. Also, it aligns with the shape of your feet with time, ensuring no pain and bruises.

When it comes to the closure system, Acro has velcro straps for an easy closure. If you are just tired of tying up your laces on the track, this is a great opportunity to get rid of lace-up climbing shoes. Velcro straps allow easy adjustment and quick fit.

Rubber Edges

Moreover, its Neo Fuse rubber is perfect for edging. The rubber patch over the toes ensure powerful hooks. Also, you won’t see any signs of wear anytime soon.

Custom Infused Midsole: Acro is known for its custom midsole which helps maintain downturn of the shoes, adding more to durability. Coming around $160, this is a highly affordable pair of climbing shoes for wide feet. Being equally great for beginners and skilled climbers, Butora Acro makes valuable investment!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best fit for wide feet climbing shoes?

When trying on some climbing shoes, remember that they do snug but must not be painful. A little stretch is good but your toes, top or heel should fit perfectly well and be fairly tight.

It also depends on your level of experience as to what fit you should go for – aggressive, semi-aggressive, regular, or comfort.

Do all the climbing shoes stretch and adjust?

Yes, all climbing shoes stretch and adjust according to your feet size and shape. However, how much they stretch largely depends on materials. Unlined leather allows adjustment to full size. Lined leather allows adjustment to half size while synthetics only stretch by ¼”.

If your shoes come with a combination of material, the amount of stretch varies.

Should I wear socks with climbing shoes?

It is totally your choice to make. Wearing socks prevents bad odors, bacteria and dead skin cells. On the other hand, not wearing socks adds to security, sensitivity and adjustment.

What is the best material for climbing shoes?

Choosing the material for climbing shoes depends on your personal preferences. Mostly, climbing shoes come as a mix of different materials such as rubber sole and leather lining.

As mentioned above, leather guarantees stability and performance while synthetic fabric offers ease and comfort. If you are a serious climber, we recommend leather. For beginners, it is good to start out with synthetic fabric.

How to take care of my climbing shoes?

Climbing shoes are a big time investment. You must take care of them to save money and add value. Here are some useful tips to help:

– Do not wear them for regular use
– Hang them in air after climbing session to not let odors settle in
– Wipe the rubber lining of sole
– Never put them under direct sunlight
– Do not drag your feet when climbing
– Resole them when there are signs of wear

Is it important to re-sole wide feet climbing shoes?

If you are an enthusiastic climber and do not go climbing once in a while, your sole will start getting thin, making the rand visible. When that happens, it is time to re-sole your climbing shoes to not let degraded sole affect your performance.

If there’s already a hole in the rand, you are late but you can still get it salvaged. However, it will cost more.

What is the difference between wide feet and narrow feet climbing shoes?

Well, the only difference between wide feet and narrow feet climbing shoes is shape and fit. Wide feet climbing shoes are designed to fit right to people with wide feet. If you go for narrow foot shoes, it won’t fit in and cause pain.

So, be satisfied that you are not missing out on anything by buying wide feet climbing shoes but getting the right thing.

Final Verdict

Climbing shoes for wide feet may be hard to find but given that you explore the right brands and pick the right fit, there’s nothing left to worry about. If you are still confused, choose Evolv Shaman, our top choice for the best climbing shoes for wide feet. Delivering great built, quality design and good monetary value, it is definitely your best go-to.

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