Best Athletic Shorts For Thick Thighs

Best Athletic Shorts For Thick Thighs


If you are on the bigger side, then finding the perfect shorts might not be as easy. It can be that your size is not readily available or it is just not comfortable enough. For athletic workouts, you always need the right apparel that compliments your figure and does not limit your movements.

Therefore, we have brought you the best athletic shorts for thick thighs. These are some awesome quality shorts that provide you comfort and will make you look amazing.

When you are working out, looks don’t matter. Seeing yourself working out is a big motivation and wearing the right apparel complements your effort. That is precisely why we have compiled this list to provide you with the best options that you can consider for your next workout schedule. But before that, we recommend you read some essential things that you should know before buying a pair of perfect shorts for yourself.

What you should know:


It is natural to prefer comfort while looking for something that you will wear. Comfort is the primary factor that everybody looks for when buying clothes. When you are running on a track, looks won’t matter. All that matters is to achieve your goal and then take a shower.

The aesthetic element is a secondary priority. Now comfort is defined differently for different people. While some of you may feel comfortable in tight fit shorts but people like me may prefer to lose fitting. Ultimately, it all depends on your preference. Therefore, below we have picked both types of shorts so you will have the option to choose as per your liking.

Moisture Wicking

Running means a lot of sweating which means your shorts should have the capability to fight the sweat and absorb the moisture. I for the most part just hate sweating as not only do you feel disgusting but it also causes abrasions which can cause rashes on your skin. Feeling like that demotivates you and affects your workout. Therefore, it is important to have shorts made of moisture-wicking fabric.


It is useless buying new shorts every month. Therefore, you need to make sure that they last years for you. Precisely for that reason, I spend a couple of extra bucks if I am getting something that is way more durable. It is very important to consider the fabric quality. Nylon and polyester are the most durable. High-quality nylon is a perfect blend of cotton, nylon, and polyester and is mostly moisture wicking as well.

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Best Athletic Shorts for Thick Thighs

5. Kipro Shorts

Kipro Shorts

The Kipro shorts are made up of high-quality spandex material and are blended with nylon. Now, I know, when you hear nylon, it immediately rings bells. But don’t worry as nylon is always more durable than cotton and the addition of spandex completes the equation. The best thing about these shorts is that it fits according to the natural contours of your body.

It will keep your blood flow going without blocking the flow in the tight spots. When you wear these shorts, they will feel very light and will adapt nicely to your thighs. The fold-over band also does a great job at keeping your figure intact and makes you appear slimmer.

But it is the performance that gives these shorts a clear advantage. You must be asking that these shorts are comfortable but are they as good at performance during intense workouts. Well, the answer is yes. If you are worried about sweating a lot then you need to calm down as they are very breathable and are perfect for any kind of outdoor activity and if you were thinking that they cut out on the material to make it more breathable then you are wrong. The material is thick and durable and while it is flexible, it is also very tough and is going to last you for years.

If you are a person who loves colors, then this might not be for you. The colors may feel a little washed off and may appear quite bland after some washing.


  • Breathable
  • Adjusts to body contours
  • Thick, soft, and stretchy
  • Comfy
  • Great performance


  • Colors may look washed off

Great design: The sleek and stretchable design is best for your figure. The spandex and nylon combo has worked quite well and it provides a universal fit that can adjust to the natural shape of your body.

4. Oalka Yoga Shorts

Oalka Yoga Shorts

The Oalka Yoga shorts, as implied by the name are designed for yoga but that doesn’t mean that they are expressly prohibited from being worn in workouts. These have turned out to be some fantastic athletic shorts for doing intense workouts with ease. You have a variety of colors to choose from and most of it is made from nylon and spandex. 

If you have ever tried yoga then you may know that you sweat a lot if you do it properly. But when you are doing intense cardio activities such as jogging; they are way sweatier than yoga which may concern you as these shorts are made for yoga and not for running or working out. Surprisingly, these shorts are extremely breathable and have built-in moisture-wicking capabilities which will prevent excessive sweating.

It is best to avoid abrasion during workouts as it is extremely annoying and don’t let you focus on what you are doing. Therefore, breathability is of primary concern. If you are worried about your tummy then don’t worry as the high waistband is very good at holding your tummy in place and give you a smooth experience in your workout. 

As we mentioned before that these shorts are made for yoga yet, we have still included it on our list – and there are many reasons for that. Even though it is for yoga, they have for some reason decided to add pockets which are very good if you are using it for running. You can put your mp3 inside during running and other stuff as well.

If you are concerned about the comfort level then we can ensure you that it is quite comfy and won’t even feel throughout your workout. The crotch is extremely comfortable and is great for extended mobility. Keep in mind though that these are a tight fit and will adjust nicely with your body. The good thing is that they can do it without squeezing your thighs much. 


  • Very breathable
  • Moisture-wicking
  • High-waisted waistband
  • Comes with side pockets
  • Has a crotch


  • None that we can point out

Highly comfortable:These are highly comfortable shorts that can make your workout easy. While they may have been built for yoga, the sheer value of its design makes it an awesome choice for athletes.

3. Nike Dri-FIT

Nike Dri-FIT

The name speaks for itself. Nike’s is famous for manufacturing high-quality sportswear and casual apparel. From sneakers to professional equipment, they have got their heels in just about everything.  If you know Nike a bit, you won’t find fashion in it because Nike means some serious business. The sports shorts you will find here are not so much for the posers as they are for actual athletes. If you are a pro, then Nike Fit is for you.

We are not saying they look terrible in any way. They just don’t have all the glorious colors and all that, and they give a more simplistic and traditional look. You know what they say – beauty lies in simplicity. But putting that philosophy aside, these shorts mean performance. They provide extra room for your thighs to move around without restricting your movement. This makes it the best shorts for jogging.

But keep in mind that these are not for men. The curves on the sides which are made to adjust to your body contours immediately tell you that it is a woman’s piece of clothing. Even though these look very simple, it feels that you are wearing something very remarkable. I guess that is Nike.

The material is 100 percent polyester which I prefer because it is very durable. This will make sure that you can use these shorts for years. Also, they are very breathable so they won’t cause excessive sweating.


  • Traditional fitting
  • Provides a large area to move your thighs
  • The side design adjusts to your body
  • Specifically made for athletes


  • Does not look as good as compared to other models

Traditional Fit:The best thing about these shorts is that they have a traditional look and fit. They came with a traditional elastic waistband with cords to tie them. This makes them tight and snug.

2. TYUIO Yoga Shorts

TYUIO Yoga Shorts

The tight fit shorts have a sporty look and the silky feeling of it running against your skin is shooting. But it isn’t that much great when you are doing some heavy workout as it will make you excessively sweaty. If you do athletic workouts you would probably know how important it is to have a pair of comfortable shorts. 

The fit is very snug and it does a good job of keeping your body shape intact. It won’t do any miracles of making you slimmer but it certainly keeps you in your original shape – and besides, it is something you should cherish.

These shorts are very thin, sleek, and silky yet are made up of very strong and durable material which makes them an ideal choice for heavy workouts.

The best thing is that the shorts come with pockets which helps carry much of your portable musical equipment with you.

They aren’t an extremely tight fit and not so loose as well which I prefer more. While they will not show every curve of your body, it is not meant to. Instead, you can expect comfort and high workout performance.


  • Very smooth and silky
  • Traditional high waist
  • Comes with side pockets


  • Not many color options to choose from

Comfy and loose shorts: This is my personal favorite as it is neither too tight nor too saggy. What I like most is the cargo type design. At the same time, they have managed to make the shorts extremely comfortable.

1. Joe’s Ladies Running Shorts

Joe’s Ladies Running Shorts

Joe’s shorts boast a retro look which is always preferred by me because I am a traditional type of person. If you like those shorts from the 80’s then you are going to love these. These are women’s exclusive and are made from fabric that has some high tech behind it. It has a 100 percent polyester and high moisture wicking fabric. The design of the fabric binding itself promotes wicking as well.

If you want comfort and breathability then these shorts are all about it. They are a loose fit and if you are in search of a tight and snug fit then you need to look elsewhere. If you are too conscious of your body and have larger thighs then this fit will make you feel secure.

These shorts don’t come with any pockets which would have been nice as we suggested this in the previous model as well. However, they were generous enough to include a secret pocket to keep your keys. If you have large thighs, then these old school shorts won’t let you down.


  • Old-retro look
  • Moisture-wicking polyester
  • Loose fit
  • Hidden pocket


  • Doesn’t have a lot of pockets
  • Not a tight fit.

Best shorts for ladies:These shorts are the best choice for women. They are specifically designed to be adjusted according to a woman’s figure and keep you comfy and secure. Although it is not a tight fit, the loose design affords you comfort and prevents excessive sweating.


How to wear short shorts with big thighs?

It is not something out of the ordinary or something extra difficult to wear shorts for women who have big thighs. Just choose the one which is neither too loose nor too tight to make you look awkward.

How to make shorts bigger around the thighs?

For that, you will have to cut open the stitches up to the hip line and add some more fabric and sew it again. You will have bigger and comfortable shorts then.

How to make high waisted shorts from jeans?

Just cut the legs of the jeans and you are good to go, If you don’t want a rough cowgirl look then you can always add some lace or pieces from a belt.

What kind of shorts should I wear with big thighs?

For big thighs, we would recommend high waist shorts. They will make you look attractive and will complement your figure.

How to keep shorts from riding up between the thighs?

If you want your shorts to not roll up then get the right fit. The brand also matters. It is recommended to go with Brands like Bermuda.


All the models listed in this list are high-quality shorts for individuals with big thighs. If you have a plus size, then these shorts are specifically for you. While all the shorts are pretty good, our personal favorite is the Tyuio yoga shorts. They are the most comfortable shorts and have high moisture-wicking capabilities so we will announce it as a clear winner. If, however, you want something premium then we would recommend you to go with the NIKE. That is the only pair on this list which is unbeatable.

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