Best camping mattress for bad back

Best camping mattress for bad back

Camping provides a great retreat from a hectic and mundane routine as you get closer to nature and enjoy its beauty. You can turn a good camping experience into an excellent one by choosing the right gear and companions for your trip. What makes for the right camping gear, you might be wondering. Well, the most important thing is the best camping mattress for bad back. This will keep you super comfy when you lay down to rest after your trek or hike.

A camping mattress designed for bad backs does not only help people with back problems – it also provides support to those who don’t have these problems and prevents them from having any back problems later on. That being said, we know how important a comfortable mattress is after a long hike when all you want to do is sleep peacefully.

Therefore, we have created this list of top 4 camping mattresses for people with bad backs. Keep on reading to find the mattress that suits your camping needs and budget. Don’t forget to look at the commonly asked questions section at the end to make an informed decision.

Top 4 camping mattresses for bad backs

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4.  Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Mattress

Outdoorsman Lab Sleeping Mattress

The sleeping mattress from Outdoorsman Lab is compact and provides support for people with bad backs. This mattress is perfect for camping trips or hikes.

The design of the mattress will give your back the support it needs, and it will also keep the temperature regulated to give you a good sleep. The mattress comes with an R-value of 2.2 which will keep you warm throughout the night.

The well-thought-out design of the mattress also makes it easy to inflate, thanks to the valve which takes only 10 to 15 breaths to fully inflate the mattress. For added safety, the mattress is double sealed to keep the air in without making it hard to inflate. Along with quick inflation, the mattress also offers easy deflation and quick roll-up.


  • The mattress easily rolls up to the size of a water bottle.
  • The mattress is comfortable with thick cushions.


  • The mattress doesn’t come with a pillow or side rails.

Compact design: The Outdoorsman Lab Camping Mattress is compact and easy to carry around, thanks to its ability to fold down to the size of a water bottle. Plus, the light weight of 14.5 ounces makes it easy to carry around. Moreover, you can rest assured that the compact design will not hinder the mattress’ ability to provide you comfortable support with its thick cushion. You can even sleep on your side without digging your arms in the ground – that’s how comfortable the mattress is.

3.  Triphunter Gears Self Inflating Mattress

Triphunter Gears Self Inflating Mattress

The Triphunter Gear Sleeping Mattress shines when it comes to ease of use, durability, and comfort. This mattress is made with polyester which makes it easy to clean.

Along with ease of cleaning, the mattress is also waterproof, making it perfect for camping in the rainy season. The mattress will make sure that you remain dry and have a peaceful sleep. One downside of the Triphunter Mattress is that you can’t use it in cold weather as it doesn’t provide much warmth and temperature regulation.

Aside from that, the Triphunter Gear Mattress is lightweight at 2 lbs. However, it is bulky to carry around. That being said, the bulkiness adds to the comfort while you sleep peacefully. The 1.5-inch thickness of the mattress will keep you safe and comfortable above the solid ground.


  • The mattress is waterproof.
  • It is self-inflating.
  • The mattress is lightweight.


Self-inflating mechanism: The self-inflating feature that the mattress provides is a holy grail for all the campers out there. You don’t need to use any pumps or waste your precious energy on breathing air into the mattress to blow it up. All that you need is a little patience because the self-inflating mechanism takes some time to pop the mattress into shape once you roll it out. Along with easy inflation, the mattress is also easy to deflate as you just need to roll it up and put it in the bag.

2.  Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

Etekcity Camping Air Mattress

The Etekcity Camping Mattress is super durable, easy to inflate, and offers support for campers who have bad backs. The mattress comes with a non-toxic PVC cover which makes the mattress long-lasting. With a length of 75 inches, the mattress is also useful for tall people as it will prevent their body from hanging off the mattress while they sleep.

Along with support, the mattress is also easy to inflate, thanks to its rechargeable pump which can inflate or deflate the mattress without any hassle. As such, you can now say goodbye to spending your energy on blowing up the mattress yourself. However, make sure that you charge the pump beforehand to avoid any mishaps when you want to sleep and find the mattress deflated.


  • The mattress comes with a rechargeable air pump.
  • It is easy to inflate and deflate.
  • This mattress doesn’t skid.


  • The mattress is bulky to carry on the trail.

Great cushion with an anti-skid base: Etekcity Camping Air Mattress will give you the comfort of the mattress you have at home. Common camping mattresses that are supportive yet thin, making them not-so-great for people with bad backs. On the other hand, this Etekcity Mattress will give you extreme cushioning for a bad back. The thickness of 9 inches will make sleeping on this mattress a breeze, as it will provide support for your back throughout the night. However, the thickness of the mattress adds to the weight of the mattress. This makes it difficult to carry around while on the trail. Thus, the Etekcity Mattress is best suited for site camping trips where you are just a few steps away from your vehicle. That being said, the mattress is also anti-skid, meaning it will not slip and disturb you while you are asleep.

1. Iforrest Sleeping Mattress

Iforrest Sleeping Mattress

The Iforrest Camping Mattress is unique in design, super supportive, and durable. It is made of polyester material which is extremely durable and easy to clean. The mattress is also waterproof to a decent extent, making it easier for you to keep dry when sleeping on this mattress.

With a weight of 2.28 lbs, this mattress is lightweight but it is difficult to carry around, thanks to its bulkiness even when it is compressed. Therefore, the Iforrest Camping Mattress is best suited for site camping trips where you don’t have to carry the mattress for longer periods.

Another thing to consider for this mattress is that it may take longer to inflate as it comes with extra panels for support. Although it has the option of self-inflation, you can speed up the process by inflating it yourself.

Apart from these minute drawbacks, the mattress is suitable for tall people with bad backs as it provides cushioning and support to their bodies.


  • It comes with a built-in pillow and side rails.
  • It is lightweight.
  • The mattress is easy to clean.


  • This mattress can be bulky when compressed.

A unique design: The Iforrest Camping Mattress is unique in design as it comes with a built-in pillow and side rails for maximum support to your body. The in-built headrest is also useful when it comes to packing as you don’t have to carry an extra pillow with you. With a length of 77 inches, the Iforrest Mattress can provide support to tall people with cushioning to their backs as well. Plus, the side rails will prevent you from falling off the mattress if you move around while sleeping.

Commonly asked questions regarding the best camping mattress for bad back

1.  How do I know what kind of mattress will be right for me?

You can select the right mattress by taking into consideration the location of your trip and your camping needs. Therefore, before buying the mattress you should ask yourself some questions like:

  • What is the site for camping? Is it a car or a tent?
  • What is the weather situation in the area where you will be camping?
  • How much support do you need for your back?

Once you answer these questions and have an idea of your camping needs, you can buy the mattress that suits your preferences and provides you comfort.

2.  What are the different types of camping mattresses?

There are several different types of camping mattresses available in the market. The common types of mattresses for camping purposes are:

  • Air mattresses: These types of mattresses are completely filled with air and weigh less than other mattresses.
  • Closed-cell mattresses: Closed-cell mattresses are made from closed-cell foam and they don’t require any inflation before use.
  • Self-inflating mattresses: Self-inflating mattresses are designed with open-cell foam and self-inflate when rolled out. These mattresses are super comfortable and provide a cushion against the rough ground.

3.  What additional features should I look for when choosing a camping mattress? 

One of the most essential features to look for in a camping mattress is a textured base, as this base is specially designed for bad backs. A textured base also prevents the mattress from slipping and sliding on the surface, giving you extra support for your peaceful sleep.

Another feature is the inflation valves. These should be large and have easy-to-use seals to make inflating and deflating the mattress a hassle-free process.

4.  How can I clean my camping mattress?

Camping mattresses are usually made from polyester and nylon. Both of these materials are easy to clean. To clean your mattress, all you need to do is wipe the mattress with a damp cloth and it will last you for a long time.

However, make sure that you don’t use any harsh chemicals or solutions for cleaning. These chemicals can weaken the material and cause holes in the mattress along with other defects.

5.  How long will it take for the mattress to inflate?  

The time it takes for your mattress to inflate depends upon a few factors, such as the size of your mattress, the power of the inflating pump, and the company of the mattress. That being said, self-inflating mattresses take longer to inflate than the mattresses that use pumps or breaths.

Moreover, the company will let you know the time it takes to inflate the mattress along with the instructions. You should look for a camping mattress that comes with an auto switch-off mechanism. The auto switch-off mechanism helps to switch the pump off when the mattress is fully inflated or deflated, thus reducing the hassle of blowing up your mattress before use.

6.  What R-value should I go for in a camping mattress?

A higher R-value means that the mattress offers great temperature regulation and will keep you warm while your sleep. You should go for a mattress with a high R-value if you plan to camp in cold weather and have a bad back.

However, if you are planning a camping trip in hot weather, then you should go for a camping mattress with a low R-value.  


Camping trips can be a pain if you don’t have a comfortable mattress to sleep on after a tiring day. This can be a bigger problem if you have a bad back and require more support while sleeping. However, you don’t have to worry about finding the best camping mattress for bad back anymore. All you have to do is consider the factors that your camping trip and health problems require, and then take your pick to find the mattress that suits your camping needs.

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