Best Cheap Flashlights

Best Cheap Flashlights


Flashlights have always proven to be man’s best friend in times of emergencies. You don’t even have to spend a lot of money in order to get an effective flashlight. You just need to know your requirements and make an informed decision. To help you out, we have shortlisted a few of the best cheap flashlights available in the market. By choosing any one of these flashlights, you can make unforeseen events less distressful without even having to spend a lot of money.

Whether you are planning to carry your torch around or want to put it in your car for emergencies, shining enough light on an otherwise dark situation makes all the difference in the world. There are many different types of flashlights available in the market in a range of prices. It can sometimes be difficult to make the right choice, especially if price is an important consideration. We have compiled this list of the best cheap flashlights for specifically those people whose budget simply won’t allow an expensive flashlight.

Read on for the best budget-friendly flashlights that will provide good value for money and be your reliable best friend in the times of darkness! We have also provided a comparison table and answered some frequently asked questions to help you out.

Best Cheap Flashlights

3.  J5 Tactical V1 Pro Flashlight 

J5 Tactical V1 Pro Flashlight

If you want to get the most value for your money, you can’t go wrong with adding J5 Tactical’s V1 Pro Flashlight to your flashlight collection. At 300 lumens, on a single AAA battery, it is brighter than most other flashlights in this price range. Not to mention, it will last much longer than most of them do, usually twenty hours. Additionally, thanks to aircraft-grade titanium and an IPX-8 waterproof body, it is rugged as hell.

The V1 Pro features 3 different modes of light: high, low, and strobe.  The strobe mode is built for protection while riding and cycling. You can easily shift the light through each mode in a quick manner. It has a tail switch that is tactical, and you press it to turn it on or off. Pressing the button again slightly when the light is on will allow you to switch between high, low, and strobe mode.

The 14500 lithium ion battery (Sanyo-Panasonic UR14500P) is the best battery to be used with J5 V1 Pro Flashlight. In fact, it is the best battery available in the market for those looking for brighter lights. There’s no momentary ON feature in J5 V1 Pro. J5 V1 Pro has an all metal body which improves its durability.


  • Single AA battery use
  • Sturdy
  • Ultra-bright LED
  • All-metal body
  • Compact tactical design
  • Impact-proof
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Water-resistant


  • It has a relatively low battery life
  • If the flashlight remains on for more than 10 minutes, its aluminum body gets warm.

Adjustable Focus: The unique feature of the V1 Pro is its adjustable focus. This allows you to change the light’s focus between narrow and broad, according to what your preferences are. In turn, this makes the flashlight suitable for any type of use such as hunting, hiking, everyday household use etc.



KOOTEK XPE-Q5 LED is a super-bright, low-cost LED light. It uses one non-inclusive AA battery or 14500 batteries. This zoom-able, lightweight flashlight is water resistant but it is not waterproof (IPX6 compliant). It is rated at 700 lumens but is more like 300 lumens. Kootec XPE-Q5 uses a 14500 4.6v battery which is why it’s measurably brighter.

The flashlight’s case is aircraft-grade aluminum having a belt clip and a manual focus. The size of the flashlight is about 90mm (3.7 inches) long x 20 mm (0.83 inches) broad and it weighs approximately 2.1 ounces without the battery. It has three modes of light – intense, soft, and strobe. It is recommended that you purchase one pack of five and try them out, and get more later on. When you need cheap flashlights in bulk, you must go for this option.

A pack of 5 is quite cheap and commonly uses AA battery. Kootek claims to meet IPX6 standard which means it can stand submersion in water up to one-meter deep for up to 30 minutes provided that the water is not moving.

Unfortunately, this flashlight does not have the memory to remember which mode it was switched off in. Instead, it goes through all three cycles as you turn it on. The battery life of this flashlight depends on the usage; nothing can be said specifically about the runtime of Kootek XPE-Q5 LED.


  • The Kootek XPE-Q5 Led flashlight is lightweight and small yet powerful.
  • You can easily leave them stashed around the house, in the car, and in emergency kits.


  • It gets hot if it’s left on ‘high mode’
  • This flashlight does not have a seal ring
  • The adjustable focus moves from a large light beam, where the LEDs are not visible, to a narrow light beam where each LED is visible. You can say that this is a pro and a con at the same time as narrowing the emphasis increases the flashlights ‘throw’ to at least 300 ft. (about 100 meters). However some people get bothered by the intense light.

Range: The Kootek XPE-Q5 LED Flashlight is equipped with a good range or throw of around 300ft (100 meters). Although the LEDs are visible in the narrow focus, for closer tasks such as pulling silver, the brightness is just right. It is not a functional spotlight, but it can illuminate a space well or provide enough illumination for a bar of silver to be pulled. For a night-time tire change or lighting up a room, the broad focus works better. The strobe is a nice alternative to a road flare and is disturbingly bright. The lower intensity is ideal for ample light to find your way around the home in the dark.

1.  Edison Bright Fenix E01 Flashlight

Edison Bright Fenix E01 Flashlight

Don’t let the relatively low price fool you. The Fenix E01 Flashlight is a very capable EDC flashlight. The aircraft-grade aluminum construction is waterproof as well as durable with IPX-8. Not to mention, on a single AAA battery, it can put out 13 lumens for up to 21 hours. Although that is not much, but it is enough to find the lost keys any night of the week when you lose your house keys in the front yard.

The flashlight weighs only 1 ounce. It is 2.8 inches in length overall and 0.5 inches in the diameter. To operate the Edison Bright Fenix E01 Flashlight you just have to use the tail cap switch to turn it off and on. It’s literally that easy.

The LED bulbs which Edison Fenix E01 uses typically last for a long time, approximately 100,000 hours or even more. These LED bulbs also generate a little heat but these are also resistant to vibration.

A regular AAA battery is used in the Fenix E01. At the time of purchase, you will be provided with a battery. It is recommended that you should only purchase the Fenix AAA batteries to use with this flashlight. Since it runs on AAA battery, you don’t have to worry about the charger at all. You just have to buy a new AAA to operate this flashlight. These batteries are easily available anywhere you go.


  • It has a lifetime warranty
  • It is the same size as your finger which makes it handy to carry.
  • It is perfect for a keychain
  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum is used in the making of this flashlight.
  • It is equipped with Reverse Polarity Protection.


  • he flashlight does not have strobe modes or SOS

GS LED: CREE LEDs are generally used by Fenix flashlights and this is an exception. A Nichia White GS LED is used in the Fenix E01 Flashlight. This GS LED comes with a lifetime of 100,000 hours. To give a uniform level of brightness regardless of the battery level, the performance is digitally monitored.


1.  Is Edison Bright Fenix waterproof?

It may be shocking but the Fenix E01 LED Flashlight is entirely waterproof. Since it is IPX-8-rated, you can submerge this flashlight in water till the depth of 2 meters. It can easily stay underwater for up to 30 minutes.

2.  What is the shape of Kootek’s beam; is it circular or square-shaped?

The beam shape remains circle in all sizes of Kootek. It is thin, bright, and has what you can call a ‘halo’ around it when it is almost at its narrowest and sharpest. However, it can be square at its very smallest and has a pattern.

3.  How would you get the J5 V1 to work?

J5 V1 has three modes of use – strobe, high beam and low beam. If you want to go cycling with J5 V1 just push the red button on the back of the flashlight, and with each touch, the mode changes.

4.  What’s the difference between all the Chinese clones of the ultrafine flashlights and J5 V1?

Over the years, we have used different kinds of flashlights, and this one is the best for the price. It is lightweight, robust and outstanding in quality.

5.  Can you shutoff the strobe mode permanently on Kootek flashlight?     

In Kootek XPE-Q5, you cannot shut off the strobe-mode permanently. However, you can easily switch between bright, dim, and strode modes of brightness.


Here, we are done discussing the top three best cheap flashlights available on Amazon. If you are tight on budget but still want to have a reliable flashlight, you can choose from any of these three options that we have discussed in great detail. With this article we have tried to make life little easier for you because having a flashlight can really be a lifesaver sometimes. Flashlights help you to perform array of tasks when its dark and you can’t find any other source of light. As such, keep your needs and budget in mind, choose the best cheap flashlight and don’t forget to carry it everywhere!

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