Best Climbing Tree Stand Lightweight

Best Climbing Tree Stand Lightweight

Are you fond of hunting, or are you a passionate wildlife photographer? Well, for your ease, a new thing has been discovered to make your hunting easier. That is what people call a climbing tree stand. For a long time, people believed that there are no lightweight climbing tree stands. However, this thought was wrong, because we have now a lightweight climbing tree stand. We have done in-depth research about these products and selected the five best lightweight climbing tree stands for you.

You can use a climbing tree stand for bow hunting; hunters just need to carry them on their backs and reach their spot of hunting. There, they need to set it up and start hunting. These are extremely safe options for hunters. If a wildlife animal comes close to you, you can use the camouflage method and hide yourself. Furthermore, at such a height, you can easily have an eye on your prey.

Some hunters prefer to use hang-on tree stands because of their versatility, allowing you to set them even on branches of trees. But still, climbing tree stands are much better because they are lightweight, and you can carry them easily from one place to another. They are easy to set up and also comfortable if you need to sit on the seat and look for the prey.

Things To Consider Before Buying

If you are hunting at night, it is difficult to use a hang-on tree because it has a difficult setup and is difficult to move from one place to another. When you set them up, you produce noise, which can alert your prey to danger. In this case, your life is also at risk. Hence, you should use a climbing tree stand, which is lightweight and has comfortable seats. Hence, you can size up your dinner easily on this comfortable seat. It is really worth your money because the quality is exceptional.

If you buy the wrong stand, you might get into trouble. Therefore, focus on the following points.

  • If you don’t check the safety guard of the stand, your life is at risk; a harness safety is necessary.
  • Check if the seat is comfortable; if it’s not, you can’t stay at a height for a long time.
  • The stand must be able to bear your weight. If not, your stand may slip from the tree.
  • It should be lightweight so that you can carry it easily.

It is necessary to check these things before buying a climbing tree stand so that you can enjoy your trip to its fullest.

Top 5 Lightweight Climbing Tree Stands

5. Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand

Summit Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand

The Summit Viper SD Tree Stand is lightweight and perfect for bow hunting. You can set it up easily, and since it is versatile, you can easily take it from one spot to another. It contains a comfortable padded seat with a backrest on which you can sit for a long time and wait for your prey without being tired. It has extended armrests on which you can rest your arms. The platform is spacious enough to put your gun and bow. Therefore, people use it especially for bow hunting.

This climbing tree is made of aluminum, and each joint is locked properly. The climbing stirrups are adjustable and are for all shapes and sizes of shoes. This set includes a climbing frame of steel, a foam seat, climbing cables, padded arms, straps, a belt, a rope, and a written instruction book on how to set it up.

Its weight is just 30 pounds, and it can bear a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It is comfortable for trees with a diameter of 8 to 20 inches. The height of the seat is adjustable and the dimension is 20 x 36 inches.


  • Comfortable seat and backrest
  • Utilizes cable retention technology
  • Soundproof with SD technology
  • Setup is very easy
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Warranty of 5 years


  • Takes time to climb up and climb down
  • Can get rusted because of its steel build

Sound Deadening

Summit Viper SD has a special technology of sound reduction. It reduces the sound of metal on metal with aluminum covering. It has a metal deadening sound technology is in specific parts of the stand to reduce the sound when you are setting up your stand. If you make a sound while setting up the stand, your prey may sense the danger, compromising your hunt.

Cable Retention

The cable should be according to the diameter of the tree; you just need to pull one side of the cable and wrap it around the tree, and then insert it back into the cable port. It fit inside quite easily without using any nut or bolt, etc. Its cable retention technology is quite a benefit for hunters as it is the quietest cable system.

Mobility: Mobility is the number one factor that makes me fall in love with the climbing stand. You can change location easily. You can take it from one place to another in no time. Since it has an extremely straightforward setup, you don’t need to work hard to set it up again and again.

4. OL’MAN Tree Stands Alumalite CTS Climbing Stand

OL’MAN Tree Stands Alumalite CTS Climbing Stand

OL’MAN Climbing Tree Stand is just feather lightweight. Alumalite CTS makes it lightweight. It is used for bow and hunting. Through this invention, hunters can easily climb free and start hunting. Its tubing is oval-shaped and it is stronger than the rounded ones. It includes a 21-inch seat which is very comfortable; hunters can wait for hours while sitting on it. The climbing and climbing down are easy due to oval-shaped tubing.

OL’MAN Climbing Tree Stands are of high quality and they are highly in demand in the markets because this brand has never compromised on its quality. Its weight is 21 pounds, and it can withstand a weight of 300 pounds with a dimension of 8/32 inches.

This OL’MAN Climbing Tree Stand is versatile, has an easy setup, entry and exit are easy, and it is very comfortable to sit on. Hang-on stands don’t have such ability; you get tired of standing. Its oval tubing technology makes it stronger and is soundproof.


  • Has an easy setup
  • Comfortable net seat
  • Stronger than others
  • Easy to climb
  • For superior hunting
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Bungee straps


  • May produce sound during setup
  • Its straps are not that durable
  • The seat could use some padding

OL’MAN Multi-Vision Technology

It is a three-tree stand combined in one. It has a 21-inch net seat, which is comfortable and adjustable. Place an OL’MAN straight bar so that you can put your gun and bow on it while waiting for the prey. It is among the most popular climbing tree stands and also the quietest one.

Oval Tubing

Its shape is oval, which makes it stronger. It is better than the rounded ones. You can climb easily without being worried about its quality.


It can be really frustrating when you’re near your prey and while setting up your stand, you make a noise due to the clanking metals hitting each other. This climbing stand has noise reduction technology. It is made of aluminum and can reduce the noise when a piece of metal touches another metal piece.

Padded Seat: OL’MAN climbing tree stand has a padded seat with a comfortable cushioned backseat. It has extended arms on which you can put your arms to give them some rest. It can help you to spend more time hunting. Without being frustrated, you can enjoy your hunting.

3. Summit Goliath SD Climbing Treestand 

Summit Goliath SD Climbing Treestand

Summit is one of the most trusted brands in the market. They make several models according to your needs and also make a few new changes in their models to make them better than before. Summit is a famous brand, and they never compromise the quality of their products.

Goliath provides you more space in low weight; its weight is just 21 pounds and has the capacity to withstand 300 pounds of weight. It has a good-sized comfortable seat. Moreover, it includes a cable retention system; it is adjustable almost on all kinds of trees of big and small diameters. It includes strong stirrups for all kinds of boots. Furthermore, you can pull that platform easily as it is lightweight. SD means sound deadening; it has a special technology to reduce the sounds it produces.


  • Solid design
  • Comfortable and has a padded seat
  • Affordable
  • Versatile features
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Soundproof with SD technology
  • Easy to use


  • May slip from the tree
  • Straps are not strong


Most of the lightweight climbing tree stands have a low platform space, and you might feel uncomfortable when you reach the height of the tree because you need space to put your boots on it. But this is not the case with Goliath as it has a large platform, and with boots, you can even put your gun and bow here.


Using a cheap material can be dangerous for you because if it is cheap, it may not be able to bear the weight. But this climbing tree stand is durable and has a warranty also.


The Goliath Climbing Tree Stand is lightweight. People think that lightweight stands are not durable, but that is wrong because they are more portable and useful compared to other heavyweight stands. Lightweight stands are portable and easy to carry. They can easily bear your weight.

Safety: It has high safety; the harness works like a seatbelt, and if you slip from the tree, it will hold you tight and won’t let you down.

2. Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Climber Tree Stand

Guide Gear Extreme Deluxe Climber Tree Stand

If you are looking for a spacious, comfortable, and sturdy tree stand, go for the Guide Gear Climbing Tree Stand. This stand comes with a strong aluminum frame powered by comfortable padding with great weight capacity. It comes with a safety harness for better protection. It is made of sturdy steel for long-time use. The seat and the backrest come with comfortable padding, it is spacious and comfortable for long sitting sessions.

The frame and the seat collapse into a compact small structure. The weight of the stand is 36.9 pounds and it can carry 300 pounds with ease. Additionally, it has adjustable foot straps made of nylon for fast climbing and the body harness provides security. Its construction is solid as a rock and is comfortable because of padded seats and arm support. Its packing is easy because of the nesting design as the frame and seat fold easily. It has a 19/20 mesh platform and you can see distant objects and aim at them easily.


  • Solid design
  • Comfortable, padded seat
  • Large platform
  • Comes with a safety harness
  • Reliable
  • Has a warranty
  • Adjustable stirrups
  • Strong straps


  • Needs practice to set up
  • Boot space should be more


As far as comfort is concerned, the Guide Gear Climbing Tree Stand comes with advanced features with tough steel construction, adjustable foot straps for easy climbing and padded seats, arm support, and a comfortable, padded backrest so that you can sit comfortably without being tired.


Moving on the tree is safe and easy, thanks to the traditional stand-up sit-down method. You can climb and get down easily.

Sound Deadening: This lightweight climbing tree stand has sound reduction technology. It reduces the sound of metal to metal. This is necessary so that your movements don’t alert your prey to your presence.

1. Summit Mini Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand

Summit Mini Viper SD Climbing Tree Stand

Summit Mini Viper SD is specially designed for your little ones. Now do let your little ones hunt with their father. Sometimes we get in situations where we need to go on long hikes. And for that purpose, you need to make sure to choose a stand of really lightweight and easily packable.

Coming in at just 18 pounds, this stand is highly durable and portable. The frame consists of an aluminum 5-channel platform with sound deadening technology. This is especially for bow and rifle hunting, and the people who demand a highly portable stand can go with it. It includes a padded seat and a front bar to support the gun.

Furthermore, it has a cable retention system; it checks the diameter of the tree and then inserts the cable around the tree just by pulling the trigger. It has adjustable stirrups that are strong and fit on any boot. The seat frame is made of aluminum and is rigid and solid. You can easily climb up and down because of stirrups.


  • Comfortable padded seats and backrest with extended arms
  • Spacious platform
  • Strong stirrups
  • SD technology
  • Cable retention system
  • Reliable
  • Worth your money
  • Adjustable on all trees
  • Easy to pack


  • Little bit costly
  • Needs practice to set up


Summit Mini Viper SD has a solid design, especially for bow hunting. It is highly portable because it is lightweight; you can easily take it on long trips. It has a backpack style so that you can easily carry it. Its nesting design allows the frame and seat to fold easily.

Harness System

It has a full-body harness system. The harness straps are around your neck and thighs and protect you from falling. If you, unfortunately, lose balance, or the stand slips, this harness will take care of you.

Comfortable Seats: Mini Viper SD has comfortable foamy seats because you have to spend several hours hunting on the top of the tree. The seat is adjustable and always lets the backrest be attached to the tree so you can sit and watch your prey easily. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   How much space is required in a lightweight climbing tree stand?

Most lightweight climbing tree stands have small seats and platforms. But they sacrifice the need for space because of the light weight. If you are a passionate hunter then there are climbing trees that have more accommodation.

2.   How much weight is needed for a lightweight climbing tree stand? 

Normal lightweight climbing tree stands can carry the weight of approximately 300 pounds, but if you want to pack more gear with you, make sure that your stand can bear that weight; otherwise, it can slip from the tree, or worse, you could sustain an injury.

3.   Are lightweight climbing tree stands safe?

It seems to be quite stupid to stand on a small platform at a height aiming at the animal without any protection. A lightweight climbing tree stand has a safety harness. It’s just like a seatbelt; if you don’t wear a seatbelt, your life is at risk. The harness is attached to the neck and thighs and protects you from falling down.

4.   Is a lightweight climbing tree stand easy to carry?

Some climbing tree stands come in a backpack style and are easy to carry, while in some, you need to strap it at your back. Lightweight tree stands come with a bungee cord design; the tighter the cord, the lesser the noise is.

5.   What features are necessary for a lightweight climbing tree stand?

A lightweight climbing tree stand should not be heavy and can bear a maximum weight of 300 pounds. It should have sound deadening technology and cable retention technology. Its seat should be comfortable, and the platform should be spacious enough to put your boots on easily.

6.   Which one is better: a hang-on or a climbing tree stand?

Hang-on tree stands are also durable, but you can’t sit on them; you have to stand for a long time to shoot your prey. Meanwhile, a lightweight climbing tree stand has a comfortable seat so that you can hunt without being tired. Hang-on trees are adjustable to all trees, and climbing tree stands are also adjustable, but you need to check the diameter of the tree first.

7.   How to use a lightweight climbing tree stand?

Camouflaging is the name of a game. In this, you hide on the top of the tree and wait for the prey. You can spread food items all around to attract your prey. Keep your stand at such a height that you can easily see your prey, but the animal can’t see you.


Hunters and wildlife photographers are surely happy to have a versatile product, such as a climbing tree stand. It has several features; it is portable, safe, easy to carry, comfortable, easy to set up, and reliable.

The most notable features are its light weight and safety. Most people go toward it because of its high safety and lightweight, because it is easy to carry on long trips. Moreover, a safety harness is also necessary because it sounds so foolish if you are climbing heights to hunt animals without any protection. Hence, a climbing tree stand has a belt that you can tie around your body and prevent danger. If you want to purchase a perfect climbing tree stand for yourself, all the above-mentioned products are worth it.

We have listed the details of the chosen products and provided their pros and cons. Now, you must choose what to purchase. We hope this guide will help you to purchase the best lightweight climbing tree stand.

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