Best Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners


Are you new to the disc golf sport? If yes, then you have chosen the perfect sport for both leisure and arm muscle work out. While disc golf seems to be simple, much goes into refining one’s game. The key is to improve the efficiency of your throws by using the most suitable disc golf driver for your skill level, and to ensure that, we bring you a list of the best disc golf drivers for beginners.

Contrary to Frisbees, disc golf drivers are constructed to go a long distance with the proper speed, fade, and turning.  While it is a fun sport, it still requires a certain level of practice before you can enjoy it fully—the more precise your throws, the better your progress in the game.

Best Disc Golf Drivers for Beginners

The market for disc golf drivers is enormous, and there are dozens of well-reputed brands dedicated to bringing the best. We have narrowed down the top five disc golf drivers that each come with their unique design and features.

5. Innova Aviar Approach and Putt Golf Disc

Innova Aviar Approach and Putt Golf Disc

The Aviar disc is among the most prominent and oldest disc drivers in disc golf. It is a straight soaring disc famous for its consistency and stability in the air. This driver is ultra-versatile and is the perfect product for beginners; however, it is also a favorite of professionals. The Aviar is favorable for strategies, short drives, and chain hunting. If you are new to disc golf, the Aviar is a terrific one to help you master shot shaping and throwing techniques. The Aviar has minimal fade when thrown straight, even for beginners.


  • Solid build
  • Budget-friendly


  • Rim is a little too deep

Classic Construction: The Innova Aviar putter integrates a rounded, smooth nose with a sleek top and no bead below its rim. This driver characterizes disc golf and is available in the largest selection of weights from 145 grams to 175 grams. The Aviar is ready in a variety of several plastics: the XT blend is highly grippy, but the inexpensive DX plastic is very straight flying and tremendous for beginners. It can work for different disc golf shot types and is consistent in its performance and very reliable.

4. Gateway Wizard Disc Golf

Gateway Wizard Disc Golf

When it comes to beginner-friendly drivers, the Gateway Wizard Disc Golf is another top choice. It is an outstanding disc golf driver for approach shots, straight flight and turnover throws at impressive speeds. You will relish the intensity The Wizard will bring to your game by enabling polished throws.  It is slightly on the heavier side, giving you a foolproof throwing plan for every course and wind condition. The Wizard holds well no matter what line you throw it with a very small fade during its drop. It comes in a vast range of colors and every disc packs a punch as it soars away.


  • Stable
  • Soft feel


  • Stronger throws often do not release accurately

Small But Mighty: It weighs between 170-176 grams, giving the much-needed equilibrium in mid-air. That implies that it is a great putter, even in windy situations. Its plastic has a firm grip that is enough to grab a chain every time. This driver deals with controlled power exceptionally well, rendering it a terrific option for upshots and mid-range drives, too. It is a great disc with a feature set that makes it highly appealing to any disc golfer.

3. Viking Discs Rune Disc Golf Driver

Viking Discs Rune Disc Golf Driver

This Viking Discs Rune is all about the extraordinary grip that conveys superb performance even during challenging cold and wet weather conditions. The excellent grip baseline plastic in it takes the feel of this driver up a notch making it easier to clench as you throw it out. The plastic has the texture of a premium mid-grade plastic but at a great price. The shape of the Rune has a flat exterior, and it is very comfortable in hand. Performance-wise, it gives a steady flight and goes straight; it wraps up the flight with a slow fade.


  • Consistent
  • Predictable flight and fade


  • It can turn over rapidly when thrown with too much power

Amazing Adaptability: The best part about the Rune is the way it effortlessly adapts to every player, particularly those who are amateur disc golfers. Though it executes high performance, it does not require excessive arm power. Therefore, if you are working on your throw techniques, you can give the Rune a shot. It glides smoothly and is a very reliable product. All these features and its fantastic layout make it a product that is worth it.

2. Gateway Voodoo Disc Golf

Gateway Voodoo Disc Golf

Besides its beautiful aesthetic features, this golf disc employs a premium quality Evolution plastic that accentuates its firm but comfortable design. This disc driver is ready to brave all the high winds and bring you a good time with your throws. The resilience of this plastic is just incredible, it is highly damaged resistant, and it does not scratch or chip off. If you are a beginner trying to refine your game, this one is a dependable product.


  • Highly durable
  • Sturdy


  • It can be a little too hard feeling for some

Super Grip and Stability: It also features a rubbery material that allows for a firmer grip. It enables you to polish your throws and keep your disc in line, especially in cold conditions. It reinforces the grip that amps up the feel of this product, making it much easier to hold and throw. It delivers and gives off a steady release for approach and long putting and implements a straight flight while remaining on the path. It also generates an adequate amount of glide with a predictable fade, particularly in longer puts. Moreover, it holds the line well with enough stability.

1. Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth Disc Golf

Dynamic Discs EMAC Truth Disc Golf

The Dynamic Discs Prime Burst EMAC Truth is innovatively curated, but it also executes like a beast. When it comes to its plastic, this golf disc utilizes Prime Burst; it is a particular type of plastic from Dynamic Discs. Along with the cool decoration of the burst effect, this premium quality plastic gives an outstanding grip. It enriches the feel, keeping the disc intact in your hand even when the weather conditions change. It has a beautiful flat top that makes throws easy.


  • Perfect for refining throw techniques
  • Reliable for upshot drives


  • Not very durable

Long Distance Champion: When it comes to analyzing its flight details, it is a very reliable disc for upshot drives and approach throws. When it gets a little windy, it has sufficient overstability to deal with it. Its biggest plus is how it acquires longer distances while adapting quickly to different courses. It performs adequately enough whether you are playing in wood settings or an open field. It can hold the line and take on a consistent flight with every shot or throw. It has a delightful glide that maintains it in the air for longer. As it ends its flight, it goes for a stable finish.


What speed is appropriate for beginners?

You do not require a high-speed driver as a beginner because there is a high chance that you lack sufficient arm speed and technique to throw it the way it needs to be thrown for proper flight. Unless a high-speed driver is both easy to adapt to and is lightweight, it will not work well for you.

What plastic is the best to go within disc golf drivers?

For drivers, it is recommended to choose a premium blend as the shape of a driver is aerodynamic, and because you throw them much harder, drivers are far more vulnerable to flight wear and tear. Some base plastic drivers do not last more than a few sessions of disc golf.

What is the basic technique behind the disc golf sport?

The Disc golf technique needs practice and muscle repetition. You need to focus on a smooth form rather than a high-energy one.  A higher disc speed does not inevitably imply that you will get a further distance; your technique has an enormous influence on the distance. Therefore, if your technique enhances, you can get extra distance. Be patient with your disc golf game, and you will see more achievement in the end.

What is the best weight for a disc golf driver?

Golf discs can range in weight from 120 to 180 grams. While some models come in a wide array of weights, a more popular weight selection for beginners is 165 – 175g.

How to enhance arm speed in disc golf?

You cannot champion your arm speed overnight once you start with the game. It requires practice to throw like a real disc golfer. First off, commence with less stable, lower-speed discs, as you would need to concentrate more on a controlled throw. Trying too hard will set a constant strain on your muscles and always lead to inconsistent throws.

Do heavier discs get the most distance?

While the heavy ones are a little easier to get out there, they do not offer as much control and even lesser in the breeze. For these matters, lighter discs will go farther than heavier discs as they enable better stability and a more controlled throw.


The game of disc golf can be highly enjoyable as it also lets you enjoy the free wind. With the correct equipment, your game experience can increase tenfold and make you a better player with each throw. We hope you find your perfect product from our list as we guarantee any of these disc golf drivers will work best for beginners in shaping up their skill level.

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