Best Non-Inflatable Paddle Boards

Best Non-Inflatable Paddle Boards

Paddle boarding is a highly entertaining activity as the swimming motion propels you. It is a very joyous water recreation activity, it not only lets you enjoy nature, but it also gives you a full-body workout. One of the most significant paddle boarding benefits is that it gets you on your feet and supports to maintain both your body and mind.

However, no activity is complete without its proper equipment, and we bring you a list of best non-inflatable paddle boards that offer exceptional glide and efficiency in the water. Non-inflatable or hard paddle boards are designed for numerous purposes like fishing, touring, surf, etc. The non-inflatable paddle boards are incredible for big waves and racing as compared to inflatable ones. Read on as we break down the best ones for you.

Best Non Inflatable Paddle Boards

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With the endless range of paddleboards in the market, we have narrowed down the best options available that will have you gliding swiftly in the water in no time.  These boards ensure the best performance and will be with you for a long time.

5. California Paddle Board

California Paddle Board

The California non-inflatable paddle board comes in a natural design; it looks like it is created out of wood. This board is 10.6 feet long and has 33 inches of width and 4.74 inches of density. This paddleboard weighs around 29 pounds, and its maximum paddler weight limit is 300 pounds. Its body is made of expanded polystyrene (EPS). On the paddleboard’s nose are bungee straps where you can strap your things like water bottles.  It also comes with its leash and storage bag.


  • Accessories included
  • Wide top deck


  • Limited for flat water

Highly Reinforced Core: The core is also strengthened with two sheets of fiberglass and resin to ensure ultimate quality. Moreover, it is composed of molded ABS material that allows it to resist substantial impacts and any corrosive chemicals.  So this non-inflatable paddle board is super strong, rigid, and highly durable. The middle of the board has a handle attached that helps you with more comfortable transport and control of the board. This non-inflatable paddle board aims to give you the absolute quality and endurance so you can enjoy your paddle boarding. If you seek, an extremely robust option that will last relatively long then this paddleboard is for you.

4. Broadworks Riptide Paddleboard


This Boardworks Riptide paddle board has a simple yet elegant design. It looks perfect without any excessive visual details. It comes in a light blue color with a board length of 11.6 feet, which is a standard paddleboard length. However, it is a bit on the broader side with its 34 inches. It is not very thick, but it has a density of 4.75 inches. It weighs 33 pounds, and its center fin is 9 inches. The weight capacity is up to 275 pounds. Its molded composite construction is made from ABS and EPS material.


  • Top-quality
  • Fiberglass layering


  • Slower speed

Perfect for an Excursion Trip: This paddleboard has a substantial width which makes it the perfect contender for a family trip. You can take your kid or pet with you on this board on smooth and calmer water. The paddleboard has heat embossed top padding. Its wide nose and tail are ideal for yoga buffs, and its carriage handle is integrated into the board. This paddleboard is a highly sturdy and durable option and a perfect addition to a family getaway where everyone can enjoy this activity. 

3. BIC Sport Paddle Board

BIC Sport Paddle Board

The BIC Sport brings a paddleboard that has a retro design, and it gives you a range of colors and length options. It has three models, blue, and grey with a green stripe, blue and grey with a red streak, blue, and grey with an orange line. Furthermore, you can decide on the length options: 9.2, 10.6, and 11.6 feet. This non-inflatable paddle board consists of four layers. On the underside is a polyethylene shell, the center made out of molded EPS foam.


  • Best for beginners
  • Soft and solid form


  • Not for heavier paddlers

Comfort at Its Finest: The BIC paddleboard is 31.5 inches wide, and you can cruise and surf water with its two attachment junctures for any additional gear. The paddleboard is impact resistant, and its embossed padding on top assures an excellent surface for your feet. Over the core, there is another polyethylene outer shell, and the top is a deck pad. This paddleboard weighs 32 pounds, and its volume is 185 liters with a weight capacity of 200 pounds. If you prefer comfort along with quality, then BIC Sport has got you covered. Its ergonomic handle allows transport that is more accessible and its round tail gives a smooth ride.

2. Surftech Generator


The Surftech paddleboard is prepared with high-grade materials like bamboo veneer and fiberglass. It is thick, and you can have it for many years, its volume is 213 liters. The board is excellent for recreational use. Its length is 11.4 feet, width is 32 inches, and it has 4.5 inches thickness. The Surftech structure is versatile, and you can easily handle it in small and medium waves. Moreover, the paddleboard is also very stable on flat water. You can use this non-inflatable paddle board in the ocean, river, or lake


  • Great stability
  • Straps for easier transport


  • Very pricey

Super Speed: Due to its shape, it is very fast in the water and glides effortlessly. Also, it is a relatively fast non-inflatable paddle board because of sleek and contoured design. The core is made of expanded polystyrene material, and it is waterproof. The soft deck pad is incorporated into the board, making it comfortable under your feet. It has a center fin, and two added side fins to give you more speed control. For smooth and speedy glide, this paddleboard is the ultimate pick. It comes with accessories included and is perfect for all water types. The board weighs 27 pounds, and its paddler capacity is 200 pounds.

1. Broadworks Kraken Paddle Board

Broadworks Kraken Paddle Board

The Kraken has a beautiful printed design, and it comes in three dimensions of 10.3, 11, and 9.9 feet. Its weight capacity is 240 pounds, and it is ideal for both beginners and intermediates. If you are catching small or medium ocean waves or simply cruising around your local waters, the Kraken is an excellent choice for all skill levels. The construction of this board is of EPS, fiberglass, and bamboo exterior. In the middle is an ergonomic handle for easier transport.


  • Storage space
  • Sturdy


  • Very heavy

Two-Person Peddalboard: The non-inflatable stand-up paddleboard’s volume is 200 liters with a width of 34 inches, so the board has an extensive surface. You can easily take somebody with you for fun. It has an average non- thickness of 4.75 inches, and it weighs 47 pounds. This paddleboard has five fins so you can manipulate it according to your skill level. It has a very sharp nose that helps you tackle rough waters, too. The Boardworks Kraken is a tremendous, all-around board that is high quality, maneuverable, and glides nicely. The top deck has soft padding and is adjusted to your feet so you can paddleboard all day.

Final Words

Best Non inflatable paddle boards are all the rage as they give enhanced gliding power in the water. Their reinforced materials also make them a favorite of many. You can scan through our list, and we are confident you will find your perfect pick to make your paddle boarding a happy and safe experience.


Why is a person’s weight so crucial for paddle boarding?
You want a board that holds you on top of the water for excellent paddling efficiency. If two people try the same board, and one weighs 200 pounds and the other 150, the heftier person will cause the board to stoop lower in the water. This causes enormous resistance and requires more exertion while paddling.

How to know what fin or fin set combination to buy?
Essentially, for flatwater paddling, you will require one center fin. For paddle surfing, go for three, four, and five fin set boards. For racing, usually, one fin specially shaped for speed and swerving.

What to wear while paddle boarding?
Wear what is most comfortable for you.  Clothing that does not restrict movement is best. Once you have the hang of paddling, you will not be plummeting into the water.

Should you paddleboard barefoot?
The grip on the top of the board is for bare feet, so if it is warm, you do not need to wear any shoes while paddle boarding. If the temperature drops and you still wish to go paddle boarding, then light barefoot trainers are an excellent option to keep you going.

What muscles do you utilize while paddle boarding?
When you paddle through the water, your quadriceps, shoulders, arms, and knees struggle together to propel you ahead. Your leg muscles also increase their work to enable the core in keeping your equilibrium.

What necessary items to bring for paddle boarding?
The essentials are a leash, dry bag, traction pad, water bottle, sunscreen, water shoes, UV surf shirt or a wetsuit, and a hat or sunglasses. All these items are advised as they will work together to shield you from the sun.

How safe is paddle boarding?
Much like anything, when you do it with the proper safety, correct conditions, and the right equipment, paddle boarding is a very safe sport, as it takes place at low speeds. Nonetheless, fundamental water safety rules always apply: wear a personal flotation device, have a leash, do not paddle alone, and do not paddle after the sun goes down. These are just a few of the basics to follow strictly.

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