Best Pool Floats for Heavy Adults

Best Pool Floats for Heavy Adults

Pool floats are generally meant to be used by children to learn swimming. The basic purpose of these floats is to keep the body on the water’s surface so that children can move freely in the pool. These pool floats float on the surface with the help of upward pressure exerted by the water.

Ever tried floating on a kid’s pool float? Well, everyone has, but no one succeeds. These small pool floats cannot bear an adult’s weight and start sinking. We understand that pool floats for adults are important because no one can stand in water for a long time. People soon get tired in the pool and want to float over the water with a drink in hand. Imagine yourself floating in a pool on a sunny day with a book in your hand. Does this sound like a dream? Well, it is not a dream anymore. There is a variety of pool floats available in the market for adults.

The problem arises if you are an overweight adult and experiencing trouble even with the adult pool floats. Does pool floats start sinking instead of floating when you sit on them? We know it is hard to see someone enjoying the pool on a sunny day or a pool party when you cannot join them just because of your weight.

Best Pool Floats for Adults

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Don’t worry. We have picked some best pool floats for heavy adults, and by heavy adults, we specifically mean overweight adults. In our list, we have not compromised on quality. You will find only those pool floats that are stable and durable. There are also different shapes and sizes available as per your need. Whether you want to sit in the middle of the pool or want to lie down and enjoy a sunny day, you will find all types of pool floats.

5. Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

Intex Floating Recliner Inflatable Lounge

Since we are talking about the best pool floats for heavy adults, this floating recliner can handle 250lbs or 110 kg of weight and is almost 4.5ft in length. This is made up of 18 gauge vinyl. It has comfortable armrests and comes with two cup holders and two handles. The handles make it portable and easy to carry. Intex floating recliner has two air chambers, which make the process of inflation and deflation easy.

This pool float has a little drawback; it can get a hole. But the hole can be easily repaired, and the good thing is that the patch comes with the product. Customer reviews about this product mention that this is a very comfortable product. They report that after six months, it can leak anytime, and the cup holders provided are not deep enough for a big cup.


  • Attractive price
  • Portable


  • Vulnerable to holes

Real Comfort: This floating recliner will provide you the comfort of a real reclining chair. It will provide you relaxation, just like the one inside your house. Its design provides good support for your back. It comes with a very decent price tag, which makes it a more attractive choice.

4. Aqua Luxury Water Lounge X-Large

Aqua Luxury Water Lounge X-Large

This is a very cool product if you want to spend a sunny day in the pool. Its size is 5.3ft in length and 4ft in width. This is a very lightweight product weighing only 3.07 pounds and comes in navy blue and light blue colors. It can carry weight around 250lbs or 110kg.

Aqua luxury water lounge has a very comfortable headrest. This headrest is big enough for your back to rest on it. The seat also has a very good grip and does not let you recline even with so much weight on it. It comes with two handles, two valves, and one cup holder. The cup holder is big enough to fit a bottle in it. It also comes with rope handles and can be attached easily to another float or a boat.


  • Lightweight
  • Accommodate two adults
  • Durable


  • Compromised space for two adults

Proven Against Weight and Weather: Since it is an extra-large size to accommodate two adults, it will be a compromising situation. One adult can enjoy it very comfortably. Consumers say that this product is very durable and proven against bad weather conditions, including strong wind.

3. SwimWays Spring Float Recliner X-Large

SwimWays Spring Float Recliner X-Large

This pool floater is a very good option for heavy adults because it can carry weight up to 300lbs or 135kg. It weighs around 4.5lbs and comes in two attractive colors, including dark blue and light blue.  If we compare this product with other products of this category, it is extra roomy and longer. It means that this pool floater is very comfortable as compared to the competitors.


  • Better weight capacity
  • Comfortable sitting position
  • Easily Portable


  • Not suitable for short heighted people

Float with Luxury: Sitting in the spring float recliner makes you feel closer to the water, which is a very good thing on hot sunny days. The headrest and backrest are very comfortable. It also provides suitable space for legs and comes with a cup holder and two handles for easy picking. This pool floater is very stable, and the sides make you feel safe in the water. It has a compact size, which is great for portability. This product has excellent reviews. Customers say that this product is extremely comfortable, and some people are also using it for the exercise. This product will not let you down if you are going on a vacation and want to take a pool floater with you.  

2. Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

Intex Giant Inflatable Floating Mat

This giant floating mat is offering you a lot of things at a handsome price. It weighs around 19lbs and can carry weight up to 600lbs or 300kg. As its name indicates, it has some giant dimensions of 9.6ft in length and 7ft in width. It is made up of vinyl material and comes only in blue color. You also do not have to deflate it while traveling if you have a big car or a pickup truck. You can easily put it in your car after folding it twice or thrice. Imagine having this big pool float and still no need to deflate it. Customers say that you can enjoy this mat with your dogs as well. Dogs love to float, and this mat is thick enough to have dogs on it.


  • Excellent weight capacity
  • Four connectors
  • Solid material


  • Not recommended for children

King Size: Intex giant floating mat can carry two heavy adults very easily and up to three normal adults. This mat comes with two air chambers and four connectors to use with other floats. These connectors are very useful when you are at a pool party and do not want to float away. You can also use these connectors to connect your floater with the children floater so that they will not get out of your reach.

1. GoFloats Giant Inflatable Pool Floats

GoFloats Giant Inflatable Pool Floats

If you are looking for the best pool floats for heavy adults, then you should consider this option because it has a weight capacity of more than 500lbs or 225kgs and can support two adults and 4 to 5 children depending on their weight. Its weight is around 6lbs. GoFloats pool floats have a rapid valve system. With this system, you can inflate and deflate them five times faster than normal pool floats. GoFloats claim that their pool floats cannot pop due to being overweight, and if they did, they will replace it for free. 


  • Available in various shapes
  • Excellent built quality


  • Unstable in water

Eye Catching and Durable : This pool float is available in different styles, including unicorn, dragon, flamingo, bull, and swan. It is around 8ft long and made up of superior quality vinyl. This product has extremely good reviews. Customers say that product is very eye-catching at a pool party and everyone likes it. No weight issues have been reported so far, and the quality is exceptional. There is one issue reported with this product, and that is of stability. If you buy this product, you also get a floating drink holder for free.


How to inflate pool floats?

Inflating pool floats is not a difficult task. There are several methods to do so. The most common of all is to inflate them through the mouth. But inflating through the mouth can take a lot of effort. The second option is inflating it through the air pump. Air pumps are not very common, and buying an air pump, especially for a pool float, is not feasible. The best option could be inflating it through a hairdryer. We know, it sounds strange, but it is the best method. Take an empty bottle and cut it into half. Put the bottle’s top side (drinking) into the pool float nozzle and turn on the hairdryer. Make sure that the dryer is blowing cool air. Within a few minutes, your pool float will be ready.

How to fix a hole in a pool float?

Pool floats are made of very light material, and finding a hole in them is a very common problem. But, don’t let your summer fun get ruined. You can repair the hole in simple steps. Firstly, inflate the float and identify the hole. Temporarily apply some tape on the hole to mark the hole. Now, cut a patch or duct tape to cover the hole. Try to make the patch a bit bigger than the actual hole to cover the edges better. Apply glue to one side of the already cut patch and place it on the hole with some pressure exerted. Let it dry. After some hours, your pool float is ready to use. 

What are pool noodles?

Pool noodles are hollow polyethylene foam. It is also used as a rescue rope and mostly used to learn swimming by the people of all ages. These are generally 5ft in length, and you can make a long rope by attaching 3 to 4 pool noodles with duct tape. Connectors are also available in the market to join pool noodles. Pool noodles can be used for aquatic exercise and water play activities. Polyethylene also serves a lot of purposes in our daily lives.


Your wants lead you to your decision. So, choosing the right product for yourself depends on your wants. The specifications you are looking for in a product helps you to shortlist a few products. Most products may have similar specifications, but you are looking for a quality product. To assist you with the features and quality, we have provided you with this list. Considering the pros and cons of each product, you can make a better decision for yourself.

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