Best Portable Generator for RV Camping

Best Portable Generator for RV Camping

Camping trips in your RV can be fun as long as you have all the power needs met. If your power needs are not met, you’re in for a bumpy ride. An RV gives you the comfort of home and the excitement of nature, all in one trip. However, if you want to use bigger and high-powered appliances like an air conditioner or microwave, you will need more power than just your RV’s power source. In such a situation, portable generators are here to give you extra power and a super comfortable trip. You can choose the best portable generator for RV camping from our list of top 5 generators.

The portable generators on this list are great in quality and will meet all your RV power needs. From lightweight to less noisy – you will generators with various features. Keep reading to find out the best portable generator that suits your needs.

Best portable generator for RV camping – Reviews

Here you can read the reviews of the top 5 portable generators for RV camping and take your pick.

5. Champion 3100-watt Portable Generator

Champion 3100-watt Portable Generator

The Champion 3100-watt Inverter Generator is up for competition against the big names like Honda and Yamaha with its impressive features. The generator comes with 3100 starting watts along with 2800 running watts to meet all your RV power needs.

When it comes to safety, the generator produces clean energy, ensuring that your sensitive appliances do not get damaged. Plus, the generator offers an economy mode to reduce load and a low-oil shutoff sensor to prevent any mishaps. The economy mode and the clean energy of the generator give it an extended engine life, quieter output, and better fuel consumption.

Moreover, the inverter generator provides you ease-of-movement with its wheels and a pulling handle. Its weight of 80 lbs, which is lightweight for the generators with the same power capacity, adds to its portability. The generator is also easy to operate, thanks to its quick-touch panel that offers all controls in one place. Although the generator’s run time varies, it will give you 8 hours of running time at quarter load for usual energy usage.

RV-ready outlet: The Champion 3100-watt Generator stands true to the portability function by providing a 30-amp RV ready outlet. This rids you of the hassle of finding the right adapter to connect the generator to your RV. However, if you have an outlet other than 30 amp, you will need an adapter in that case.

4. Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Generator

Westinghouse iGen2500 Portable Generator

If quieter operations and power-efficient output are what you’re looking for, then the Westinghouse iGen2500 is right for you. The generator provides quiet operations at 52 dBA, giving you a peaceful camping experience minus the engine’s noise.

The generator is lightweight at only 48 lbs. and can be packed in the form of a suitcase with a handle. Although wheels would be a nice touch for portability, the Westinghouse iGen2500 generator’s light weight makes it easy to carry around while you’re camping in your RV.

The Westinghouse Inverter Generator provides 2200 rated watts and 2500 peak watts for maximum power output for your RV. Fortunately, if you need more power, the generator also comes with parallel capability that allows you to connect another inverter generator to increase the output.

Moreover, you can rest assured that the Westinghouse Generator offers you a clean and stable power supply to ensure that your sensitive electronics stay unharmed. Along with clean energy, the generator also offers an efficient power supply which ensures that the generator’s 1.0 gallon fuel tank gives you approximately 10 hours of run time.

Digital monitoring: The Westinghouse Generator offers monitoring options in the form of a digital screen to monitor the remaining run time, level of fuel left in the tank, and more.  The digital monitoring system ensures that you never run out of fuel when in need. Not to mention, it keeps your engine safe from fuel related damage.

3. Wen 2250-watt Portable Generator

Wen 2250-watt Portable Generator

The Wen 2250-watt Portable Generator is the best budget generator on this list. This inverter generator’s parallel capability, quiet operations, and efficient fuel consumption make the generator difficult to ignore.

When it comes to portability, the generator weighs less than 50 pounds which is not the lightest but it still makes the generator easily portable. Moreover, the generator will also make sure that you don’t disturb others or yourself and have a peaceful trip, thanks to its 53 decibels output which provides quiet operations.

Moreover, the generator is efficient in power generation and fuel consumption, giving you up to six hours of running time at half load. The generator runs on gasoline and offers a fuel tank capacity of one gallon while the fuel shut off function ensures that all the oil in the tank is consumed before the generator shuts off.

Additionally, the Wen 2250-watt Generator’s eco-mode option reduces fuel consumption while providing a stable power output. The generator also produces clean power to ensure the safety of your sensitive electronics. 

Parallel capability option: The Wen 2250-watt Inverter Generator offers a convenient parallel capability option for people with greater power needs for their RV. This inverter generator’s one unit gives you 2250 starting watts and 1800 running watts which is enough for the basic RV power needs. However, if you need more you can connect two of these units. RV power will no longer be an issue when you are camping, tailgating, or more.

2. Honda EU3000iS Portable Generator

Honda EU3000iS Portable Generator

This Honda 3000-watt Generator boasts reliability and dependability since it comes from a well-known and trusted brand name in the industry. The generator is fuel-efficient, easy-to-start, and operates with little to no noise, making this generator suitable for a peaceful camping trip.

Moreover, this Honda Generator provides peak power of 3000 watts and continuous power of 2800 watts to power up your RV. The generator is also easy to start due to its turn-key start option. Additionally, the generator has an eco-mode feature which makes sure that the fuel consumption is efficient depending on the load you are placing on the generator.

When it comes to portability, the generator is heavy which is a given with such high-powered output supply. However, you can buy an additional frame with wheels for improved mobility.

When it comes to safety, the generator comes with an oil-level sensor that shuts the generator off when oil is too low for operation. As for the appliances’ safety, the generator provides clean and stable power, so you can rest assured that your sensitive electronics are safe.

Less noise output: You can now camp with others in the surrounding without disturbing them, thanks to the less noise output of the Honda 3000-watt generator. Honda 3000-watt is the quietest one among the generators with similar power output, and even leaves behind some of the 2000-watt generators when it comes to less noise output, thanks to its 49 to 58 dBA output.

1. Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Generator

Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Portable Generator

Lightweight, quiet operations, great quality, and durability are some of the impressive offerings of the Yamaha EF2000iSv2 Inverter Generator. Add to that the reliability that comes with Yamaha’s well-known name in the industry, and you have got a contender for the best portable generator for RV camping.

Although the generator’s run time varies with the load that you connect, on average it can run for up to 10.5 hours at a quarter load. Plus, the fuel cut-off valve ensures that all the fuel is used up which prevents build up in the fuel tank and extends the engine’s life.

The Yamaha generator provides 2000 watts of peak power and 1600 watts of continuous power which is enough for basic RV power needs. Otherwise, you can boost up the power output by using the parallel capability of the Yamaha generator which allows you to connect another inverter generator for increased performance.

Moreover, the generator also comes with an eco-mode feature to regulate fuel consumption according to the connected load. This gives improved engine life and quiet operations that range from 51 to 61 dBA. Additionally, the generator’s clean and stable power supply ensures your sensitive electronics’ safety.

Lightweight and portable: The Yamaha 2000-watt Generator is compact and quiet, making it perfect for camping. The generator’s light weight at 44 pounds gives proof of its portability. Top it off with a handle and suitcase-style design, and you have got yourself a generator that makes carrying it around a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What fuel type should I choose?

If you are looking for an environment-friendly generator, then go for a generator that is propane powered because propane is clean and emits less smelly fumes. In terms of smelly fumes, the fuels ranked after propane are diesel and then gasoline.

However, if you own a diesel-powered RV and have loads of appliances, then go for a diesel-powered generator. Gas-powered generators work best for mid-sized RVs and propane-powered generators are suited for low power consumption tasks.

2.    What power should I go for in a portable generator?

The power of your portable generator depends upon the appliances that you intend to power with the generator. Additionally, you also need to take into account the type of RV that you use.

The best practice is to calculate the wattage usage of your appliances to get an idea of the power that they consume. After the power consumption calculation, you should look for a portable generator that will power all the appliances with ease.

3.   What is the difference between traditional and inverter generators?

The traditional generators are heavier and produce more noise while the inverter generators are on the lighter side and provide quieter operations.

Moreover, the traditional generators also give power surges, risking your sensitive electronics’ safety. On the other hand, inverter generators provide clean and stable power. Although inverter generators are more expensive, they are the popular choice among campers and RV owners.

4.   Why do I need a quieter generator?

Whether you’re camping alone or with other campers in the surrounding, a generator with less noise output is always a suitable choice. A generator with quieter operations will help you camp peacefully without disturbing others around you.

5.   Is it necessary for the generator to be fuel efficient?

Fuel efficient generators provide you with stable power for your RV by regulating fuel consumption according to the load that is connected. Additionally, if your generator is fuel efficient, you will not have to make a lot of trips to refill the fuel tank, thus giving you plenty of time to enjoy your camping trip.

6.   What is the best portable generator for RV camping?

You should keep in mind factors such as weight, mobility, and noise output, along with brand name and reliability when shopping for generators. We assure you that all of the portable generators mentioned on our list are from top brands and suitable for RV camping. However, some generators may suit you while some may not, so the best generator for you would depend on what your preferences and requirements are.


Now that you have read the reviews of our top 5 portable generators, you’re all set to buy the generator that suits your RV power needs. You can choose the best portable generator for RV camping by looking at factors such as light weight, less noise output, longer run time, high power, and more.

Moreover, we assure you that whichever portable generator you pick from our list will not disappoint you, as we have reviewed each generator carefully before adding it to our list. As such, you are bound to get the best of the best generators out there to make your camping trip fun and comfortable.

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