Best Running Shorts That Don’t Ride Up

Best Running Shorts That Don't Ride Up


A new pair of shorts can go a long way in motivating you to step out and run through the streets. A decent cardio session can help you turn around your health, boost your stamina, burn off extra calories, and shed those undesirable pounds. But looks are not enough, an ideal running short should not just look fancy but be comfortable to wear, and remain that way when running. Ordinary shorts often chafe the inner thighs when running, and for someone who’s had to suffer from these chafes regularly, I must say that they are the worst.

Chaffing is not only irritating, it can become worse over time, so much so that you end up hating your cardio sessions and leave your running routine for good. However, you don’t have to stand this abuse, no, not the running, the chaffing. Manufacturers have been busy putting together the best running shorts to help athletic spirits run without any issue. In this article, we will go through some of the best running shorts that don’t ride up when you run or chafe your thighs.

Our Picks for the Best Running Shorts That Don’t Ride Up

The wait is over, here are our picks for the best running shorts that don’t ride up:

3.  Nike Flex Stride

Nike Flex Stride

Nike Flex Stride has all the features at all the right spots. These running shorts not only fit perfectly with your body but also wick away beads of sweat from you when you are running, owing to the exclusive Dri-FIT technology. This feature ensures that your body remains dry during your runs. The design is simple yet convenient, and darker shades make the sweat almost unnoticeable. The pockets have also been positioned very conveniently, making them easy to access, and any item stored within will not bounce around.

The two-way drawcord of the shorts can be worn both inside and out. Owing to a perforated rear, the shorts are well ventilated, your running sessions will feel like a breeze as excess body heat dissipates in no time. The elastic waistband remains low-profile, and hugs tightly against your waist (although not too tightly), making these shorts an ideal fit. The center back pocket also contains a moisture barrier to safeguard stored items from sweat, meaning that your items will remain just as dry as you during your runs.

FITS SNUGLY: The fabric of these shorts stretches with you, ensuring a perfect fit. If you can figure out the right size for you, you will see how these shorts fit snugly against your thighs. This perfect fit ensures that they don’t ride up during your runs, and that means no more chafing. This much was expected from this product but the reason why this trait was highlighted is because even though they fit tight, they are perfectly breathable and ensure that you remain dry.

2. Nike Half Length Running Tights


The second entry from Nike takes things a bit beyond shorts. These half-length running tights, as the name suggests, hug the body snugly during your running sessions. This ensures that anything kept the pockets will remain in place and not bounce when you cut through the track. The excellent design also wicks away sweat, keeping your body dry and comfortable, and it is also excellent at concealing sweat. If you’re okay with limited pocket space (enough for your iPhone) and a little heat buildup after an extreme exercise session, then, otherwise, this product is ideal for you.

WICKS AWAY SWEAT: Sweat buildup is inevitable when exerting yourself. Running miles under the hot summer sun is bound to cause perspiration, but then again, that’s the idea. Ordinary running shorts will be soaked in sweat just a few minutes in your running session, this is not the case with these running tights. They have been built specifically to wick away sweat from your skin, keeping it dry, and the perspiration is barely noticeable on the fabric even after prolonged running sessions.

1. Under Armour Speedrocket


The Under Armour Speedrocket is an ultralight and ultra-breathable pair of running shorts, and as the name implies, an armor against chafing. Run seamlessly with these on, and they won’t ride up no matter what. They have been designed to be flexible and owing to this, they fit snugly against your body, wicking away any perspiration buildup, keeping the surface dry. The front and back pockets are also impressive, and though it can be hard to stay cool for long in the summers, this product is excellent nonetheless.

THE SPEEDPOCKET: The namesake speedpocket is meant to store away your items without them bouncing in all directions in your running sessions. Conventionally, some people will go as far as to tie their car keys with the drawstring (yes, some people actually do that!) to keep them from bouncing. But fortunately, you don’t have to go through that hassle, the speedpocket will house your keys and even your phone, and you won’t be bothered by the jingling of the former as everything will stay put.

Best Running Shorts That Don’t Ride Up: FAQ Section

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions people ask about running shorts that don’t ride up:

1.  Why should we opt for running shorts that don’t ride up?

Normal running shorts can often ride up, this is not because of your body weight or shape but is more of a fabric issue. As your legs move, the short tend to occupy the one available space, and you’ve guessed, it’s the crotch region. This is what we call riding up, and it cannot be avoided with regular shorts. I repeat, regular shorts will ride up when you are running, no matter what you do.

This can also cause chaffing, which is not a hurtful feeling but highly irritating nonetheless. Some people tend to get used to it, others fumble with their shorts, mid-sprint, trying to get some breathability in that area. If you are like the latter and wish to run without the fear of being caught in a struggle with your shirt pants, you need specialized running shorts that don’t ride up.

2.  Why is it hard trying to find the perfect running shorts?

To put it out boldly, that’s because there isn’t one. Even as the fabric technology is making historical leaps in the current century, running shorts have not been perfected beyond all flaws. That is not to say that there aren’t decent options out there, but you can’t expect perfection. Running shorts are hard to manufacture, there are numerous criteria of comfort, and some are antiparallel to one another.

Breathability, non-bunching, non-chafing, and aesthetic appeal are some of the parameters that manufacturers look out for. Some shorts are good in one area but not so much in others, this makes it all the harder to find a pair of shorts that suit you perfectly (and that’s where personal preference also kicks into the mixture). But hopefully, the three products mentioned in this article will suit you flawlessly.

3. How can I determine that a certain pair of shorts is okay for me?

Even with all the quality features accounted for, like non-chafing, breathability, comfort, and many more, picking up a product is not an exact science. Running shorts are products that you will be using for a while, and even if a product is guaranteed to deliver the best, there is no way for you to ascertain that it will be okay for you. The best way to approach this problem is to take it as a practical issue, as you try on the shorts yourself before fixating on a product. There can be no generalizations here, your preference will count the most.

4.  How do I figure out what size am I?

Products often come with a sizing chart, you can always refer to that. However, there are issues in this approach, most notably variance. While the sizes are mostly accurate, they cannot bring into account individual variation, some people even go as far as to buy a product twice the recommended for them because it fits them perfectly. Here you should contact the customer support or the sales staff to make an informed decision.

5.  If I keep something in the pockets of my running shorts, will it bounce around?

In most cases, no, but this cannot be generalized. While some shorts are designed to reduce bouncing of objects inside the pocket, others cannot do so. Running shorts that have been designed to stick with your skin have tighter pockets, meaning that the object will be held next to your body when placed inside, but there will be some movement. However, this cannot be said about regular running shorts, as they are not as tight and also lack the unique pocket design that minimizes object movement.

6.  Will I be able to carry a water bottle in my running shorts?

If you want to carry a regular sized water bottle, then forget it, the shorts have not been designed that way. However, you can carry small-sized flasks, ranging from 4 to 6 ounces, but even that is not guaranteed. These shorts are simply not meant to carry stuff, as much as making running as simple and comfortable as possible. You may carry your inhaler, or mobile phone, or energy gel (or something of comparable size and weight) with you in these pockets but that’s pretty much it.

7.  What sort of shorts are best for minimizing chafing while running? OR Which shorts don’t ride up when you’re using them?

High end running shorts are often made from pristine quality stretchable fabric that fits perfectly with your body but not too tightly to disturb blood circulation. This perfect fit will ensure that your shirts will not ride up when you run the miles, and hence you can say goodbye to chafing. The items mentioned in this list are perfect for this purpose and will ensure that your morning runs are comfortable and chafe-free.

8.  Can I carry a cellular phone in my pockets when running?

Yes indeed! Most running shorts come with pockets dedicated to carrying items with you on the run. This includes your cell phone, it is recommended that you carry them along for two reasons: you can monitor your progress and listen to awesome music during your cardio sessions. Just make sure to pick a product that minimizes the movement of items kept in the pockets for a comfortable stride.


Running doesn’t have to be a drag, you don’t have to struggle with your shorts as you cut through the road. The shorts highlighted in the article are some of the best available in the market, they are guaranteed to not ride up when you run. Running shorts have been tailored to ensure comfort to the wearer, allowing them to take on long tracks without fear. Hopefully, this article helped you pick the product of your choice, and also understand some frequently forwarded concerns in this area. Now that you know what you need, what’s keeping you? Equip yourself and burn those calories.

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