Best Seat Cushion for Buttock Pain

Best Seat Cushion for Buttock Pain

With a pandemic raging on, many of us are settled in front of a screen to earn and learn. You might be spending a significant amount of time seated in an uncomfortable chair. Whether you are a driver, a manager, or a student, chances are you pass hours in a seated position. Even if the chair is comfortable, it eventually wears down, leading to posterior discomfort. Other times, you are so engrossed in the task at hand, that you don’t even realize you are slouching. But most often, you are just fatigued by working long hours. If left untreated, this discomfort can develop into sharp pains in the spine, pelvic, and legs. Luckily, a simple solution is available: seat cushions. A decent seat cushion can go a long way to mitigate or avoid buttock pain.

Regardless of how long you occupy a chair, a seat rest can ensure relaxation. Before you go ahead and get one for yourself, there are some factors you need to consider, such as foam density, firmness, durability, fabric, and more. It is important to carefully evaluate these features or else you might end up with an inferior product that causes more pain.

To make shopping easier for you, we have compiled a list of the top three best seat cushion for buttock pain we could find. These products were hand-picked because of their remarkable design, feel, and price Additionally, we have provided a comprehensive buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision based on your preferences. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details of our recommended products.

Ranking Based on Factors

The above table provides some details about each of the selected products. In this section, we have given our reasoning for choosing these products- based on their features. The following characteristics were considered:

  • Ergonomic Design
  • Filling Material
  • Cover
  • Stability

Ergonomic Design

The most vital aspect of a seat cushion is the ergonomic feature. Something is considered ergonomic if it acts as an extension of the body or facilitates comfort. Seat cushions come in many shapes, but the more prominent are as follows

  • U-Shaped
    These cushions have coccyx (tail bone) indents to relieve pressure on the tailbone and hips by distributing weight. The curvature forces you to place your legs and buttocks in a certain position. This feature may not seem comfortable but is very popular among consumers. These are also referred to as coccyx cushions.
  • Rectangular
    These are flat, uniform cushions without any indents. The lack of coccyx cutout may be beneficial for some as it doesn’t cradle the thighs in a specific manner. Some are rounded rectangles, making them great for large seats.
  • Donut
    Donut-shaped pillows are used to keep pressure off the pelvis and are used mainly by pregnant women. The tailbone is positioned over the center hole, while the buttocks are placed on the sides. This relives the tailbone to a great extent.

Filling Material

Seat cushions should have a dense, thick filling so they can retain their shape. Commonly, seat cushions have a memory foam filling. Memory foam is known to be a breathable, pressure-relieving, and supporting filling. It reacts to body heat if the user and molds itself to fit body shape- providing maximum comfort. Some companies also infuse gel into the foam to reduce heat retention.


Seat cushions’ exteriors come in many materials, but the factors to look for are washability, softness, and a non-slip base.

  • Washable
    As the cushions themselves can’t be laundered, the cover should be able to withstand the occasional washing. You should look for something with a removable cover as it will get dirty with use. Using an unclean cushion is not very hygienic 
  • Soft
    If you want to feel like you’re sitting on a cloud, look for products with a soft feel. The most common materials used are nylon, polyester, and suede. All these materials offer good resistance to wear-and-tear.
  • Non-Slip
    It can be quite annoying to have to readjust your seat padding because it keeps slipping. To counter this frustrating aspect, many companies are rolling out covers with non-slip bottoms, keeping you in place.


You ever sit on a cushion and it instantly sinks in? A cushion built for alleviating back pain should be able to hold its shape to provide comfort. A cushion that provides stability and softness is a perfect choice.

Out Top Picks

Now that the essential factors have been looked at, let’s delve into the products that tick our boxes. They not only provide comfort, but also help in improving existing pain in the bottom, legs, or spine. These cushions were selected because of their superior feel and results.

5. ComfiLife Comfort Seat Cushion

ComfiLife Comfort Seat Cushion

The ComfiLife Seat cushion is ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on the tailbone while keeping comfort in mind. This cushion has many health benefits for people struggling with pregnancy discomfort or lower back discomfort. Because of its U-shaped cut, it encourages a correct posture for its user. This in turn mitigates soreness from sitting too long. Additionally, it also helps recover from the pain caused by sciatica, hernia, hemorrhoids, and tailbone and hip injuries.

This memory foam seat cushion is firm, but it seems that people of heavier build may not benefit. Because of its high-density foam, it won’t be squashed easily for the average weight user. And as it uses memory foam, it will mold itself to suit your body shape.

If the dimensions fit your chair, you can place this cushion on it and enjoy a comfortable experience. Drivers, frequent travelers, and office workers will surely benefit from this.

Even if you do find the shape awkward for yourself, ComfiLife offers a 100% money-back guarantee, and it’s affordable to begin with. So, why not give it a try?


  • Significantly relieves pain
  • High-density memory foam ensures comfort to the user
  • The zipped cover is easy to remove and wash
  • Can be used for versatile ailments
  • Corrects posture
  • Does not skid about


  • Heavily built may not benefit as it does not hold firm under larger weights.

Health Benefits

The ComfiLife, with its contoured shape, is specifically designed to aid people recovering from surgery and those dealing with constant posterior pains. And those in good health can prevent future complications by employing this cushion. It can help with:

  • Sciatic relief
  • Back Pain
  • Stress Relief
  • Pregnancy
  • Fatigue

The Cover: This cushion comes with a velour cover, which is zippered and easy to remove. The cover can be laundered at your convenience without damaging the material. It also includes a non-slip bottom so you don’t have to worry about scooting it back into place. A handle is sewn in the side to allow for an easy carrying experience.

4. Soft & Care Seat Cushion

Soft & Care Seat Cushion

Need support for your bottom but would love some for your back as well? This is the product for you. This two-in-one product is a lifesaver for anyone experiencing chronic pain in both their posterior and back. The seat cushion couples with the lumbar support promote its user to attain the perfect posture. For people who spend long hours sitting in the same position, this set can alleviate the aching felt in their back and buttocks. It has an anatomic shape with subtle contours to give the user an unparalleled level of comfort.

Made from memory foam, this set is great for people recovering from injury or pain and for the average person as well. Like other memory foam cushions, this too molds to fit the shape of your buttocks, but it also remains firm. This is a must-have option for people with arthritis, sciatic pain, herniated disc, and other spinal injuries. It is also great for pregnant women.

The cover is made from velour and is soft and durable. Since it is also zipped, it is easy to remove and wash. The bottom cushion also has a non-skid surface to keep it in position. It comes with a handle at the side to carry it around. If you’re planning a trip with a long drive, consider testing this set-out.


  • The high-density memory foam retains its shape even after several uses
  • It has a good thickness, even after the person sits down
  • It can hold up under above-average weights
  • The lumbar support provides additional aid
  • The pocket on the side is convenient for placing smartphones
  • The breathable mesh of the back support ensures no sweating


  • The size may not suit people of above-average build
  • The lumbar support does not have a non-skid bottom

 Lumbar Support

The Soft & Care Seat cushion comes with a back support cushion for supreme comfort. The lumbar support is also made from memory foam, so you can expect it to cradle your spine while staying firm. The cover is made from breathable mesh fabric, so your back doesn’t get sweaty. The cover also comes with a zipper allowing for stress-free washing. It also features a pocket at the side to hold your phone or similar device. It does not have the no-slip bottom but does have straps to hold it in place.

The feel: Upon sitting on this seat cushion you might be surprised by the feeling it gives. Although it remains stable when you are seated on it, it also gives a soft feel. It gives the user a perfect blend of firmness and softness which greatly promotes one’s comfort.

3. Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion

The Everlasting Comfort Seat Cushion, with its U-shaped ergonomic design, is comfort guaranteed. It consists of quality memory foam with heat-responsive technology- guaranteeing premium comfort levels.

The foam is firm and its shape allows your coccyx some relief from the constant pressure that comes with sitting. It works in relieving pain in the back, legs, hips, and sciatica, by reducing strain on the lower back and pelvic region. Because of its effectiveness, it comes highly recommended by orthopedists and doctors alike.

The cover has a velvety soft texture adding to the overall feel of the cushion. The cover zips off without hassle and is machine washable. It also has a no-skid bottom to prevent slipping. It comes with a handle on the side to carry it along. Although, because of its curved sides, it takes a little adjusting to get it into the perfect position.


  • Molds perfectly to your bottom
  • Provides quality comfort and relief from various pains
  • The cushion is stable and durable
  • Lifetime guarantee to replace your product in case it wears down


  • You have to position it properly every time you use it
  • The zip is located at the bottom so it may scratch or tear at your chair.

Heat Responsive Technology

The everlasting Comfort Seat comes with heat Responsive Technology, meaning it can detect the body heat radiating from your thighs and bottoms. The pattern of heat will guide the memory foam into a shape that fits your bottom perfectly. Although most memory foam cushions have this feature, Everlasting makes the most use out of it- providing efficient pain relief.

Portable: This cushion, although packed with quality foam, is very lightweight. So, if you plan to carry your cushion from your home chair to your car, to your office chair, and basically everywhere else; this cushion will allow for easy transport. The sturdy handle on the side coupled with the low weight makes it possible to convert any ordinary chair into a premium one.

2. Purple Double Seat Cushion

Purple Double Seat Cushion

If you want to splurge for your bottom’s comfort, this is the best product in the market. Unlike most seat cushions, this does not use memory foam (or any foam for that matter), but a hyper-elastic polymer. Literally crafted by rocket scientists, the Purple seat cushion is an innovative marvel. It not only distributes your weight evenly, but its unique grid structure allows for ventilation. It has two functional sides for two kinds of chairs, soft and hard.

It is a wonderful contraption capable of reliving the severest pain, from sciatica to back pain. Additionally, if you carry around your wallet and keys in your back, the purple cushion will mold itself around them, erasing their feel.

The grey cover is stretchable and easy to remove. Not only is the cover machine washable but you can also throw in the cushion. The cover also has a no-skid bottom to make sure it doesn’t slip under your tush.


  • One of a kind hyper-elastic polymer mesh provides supreme comfort and pain relief
  • Absorbs shocks when driving on a bumpy road
  • Airflow prevents sweating
  • Completely washable
  • Comes with a one year warranty


  • Pricey (but worth it)


As stated earlier, this cushion has two functional sides. On one side the polymer has small grids and on the other side, it has larger grids. This isn’t just a design, but an engineering marvel. The small grid side should be placed on softer chairs, whereas the large grid side on hard chairs. This makes it compatible with almost any chair.

Sweat free: It can be embarrassing when you get up and find a pool of sweat on your chair. Luckily, because of its scientific innovation, its purple mesh allows for the passage of air, ventilating your body. This airflow keeps temperature neutral and prevents sweating.

1. Ergonomic Innovations Donut Cushion

Ergonomic Innovations Donut Cushion

Looking for something different? Maybe a donut cushion fits your needs. The Ergonomic Innovation Donut Cushion is a great representation of the company’s name. This isn’t just any flat donut cushion, but one with contours similar to the U-shaped cushions.

If you’re suffering from pelvic aches, spinal cord pain, pressure pains, sores, hemorrhoids or recovering from surgery or childbirth then this cushion is incredibly helpful. Its design promotes blood flow and improved sitting time.

The cover is non-slip to keep it in place. It has zip going around which helps in easy removal. You can wash it effortlessly in the washing machine. If needed, you can use a wet sponge and spot-clean the inner foam.


  • U-shaped contours
  • All- around zip
  • The quality foam doesn’t squish easily
  • Can help with a variety of issues


  • Not memory foam


Most donut cushions are inflatable or flat-surfaced, but this product has the edge over its competition because of its u-shaped contours. This helps maintain good posture and effectively reduce strain on the spine.

Not just for hemorrhoids: When we hear donut cushion, we immediately think of hemorrhoids, but it can help with so many more afflictions. It is especially helpful to women who are recovering from childbirth. Many women recommend using donut cushions for pain relief from childbirth as it helps with the extreme discomfort. It can be used by anyone for any kind of pain and it will help with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Are seat cushions helpful?

As someone who spends all day sitting in front of a screen, the answer is a big fat yes! But don’t just take my word for it. Many physiotherapists endorse the use of seat and back cushions to help alleviate various discomforts. They distribute your weight evenly, reduce pressure on the spine, and help correct posture- among other things.

2.   Who needs seat cushions? 

Anyone with a less than comfortable seat may find a need for seat cushions. If you are someone who spends long hours seated in a chair, whether at home, office or in a car, getting a seat cushion will prove to be a life-changing investment.

3.   Can seat cushions cure my sciatic pains?

While seat cushions can greatly help manage sciatic – and many other- pains, it can not be considered as a replacement for therapy. We encourage you to get the proper medical treatment for your condition but recommend that you use a seat cushion as a supplement to your treatment.

4.   Will getting a seat cushion eliminate the need for taking walking breaks?

A quality seat cushion that promotes blood flow will help reduce the need for taking frequent walking breaks during work, but not eliminate the need. We don’t recommend staying seated for hours on end as staying sedentary is linked with a number of diseases. Take the occasional breaks and work out to improve overall health.


Pain in the buttocks can be an extremely discomforting experience for anyone, but even more so with people suffering from other ailments as well. Instead of breaking the bank on a costly chair, we recommend getting a seat cushion, particularly the Soft & Care Seat Cushion. We endorse this cushion because the bottom ache is often accompanied by back pain and getting rid of one while the other persists is not really helpful. The Soft & Care product provides quality care with its incredible memory foam- a mix of firmness and softness- which can instantly mitigate pain. It is also decently priced, which is a big plus for its quality.

Lastly, we understand that everyone has unique needs and might not feel satisfied with the products we have listed. We hope you find the information we have presented to be helpful in your search for the perfect seat cushion. We also wish you the best of health and hope your body pain can be treated properly.

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