Best Sleeping Bag Under $50

Best Sleeping Bag Under $50


Going camping during summertime is the most enjoyable adventure. Lighting the campfires under the starry sky and enjoying the cool summer breeze is indeed wonderful. But, when the temperature drops as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit, things get challenging. This is where a best sleeping bag under $50 comes to the rescue. Its perfect insulation and comfortable construction keep you warm and tender, even at freezing temperatures. This is why it is considered to be an essential part of camping.

No matter your location, whether the freezing mountains, chilling hillsides, or cool seaside – a sleeping bag is a must-have. You can lay it inside a hut, in your car, or even on a summit. When choosing a sleeping bag for your next adventure, you need to keep a few factors in your mind, for example, the temperature of your location, material of the sleeping bag, temperature resistivity, and of course, durability, since it is a one-time investment.

Here, we have provided you with a list of the best sleeping bags. We know spending too much on a vacation trip is not in everyone’s interest. So, all of our top choices are below $50! Moreover, a detailed buying guide and a ranking table will help you compare and contrast the given options. So, let’s dive in to know the details of our recommendations.

Ranking Based on Factors

The above-provided table gives you precise details of the enlisted products. Here, we have mentioned the factors on which our selections are based. These factors are as follows:

  • Material
  • Shape
  • Temperature
  • Insulation


The first factor on our list is the type of material. A sleeping bag has two shells; the outer should be waterproof and highly resistant. On the other hand, the inner shell should be made from a very soft and smooth material as it is in direct contact with your skin. Therefore, different types of materials are suitable for different shells.


When looking for durability, you should go for highly resistant materials like nylon, polyester, or polyester taffeta fabrics. These fabrics have natural fibers which are great at rendering breathability and allow effective regulation of heat. These materials are also known for their extreme resistivity and endurance. They are also waterproof and perform well in wet conditions like rain or snow.

If you want something extremely premium, you can go for rip-stop material. Its nylon stands are embedded with some heavier substances. This feature provides greater resistivity from any kind of wear and tear. Its water-resistant quality makes it more suitable. Hence, it effectively encapsulates heat even when it is wet.


The most suitable material for inner lining would be nylon, taffeta, or polyester. These fabrics are used in most sleeping bags, low budget or expensive. These fabrics are incredibly gentle on the skin and prevent scratching. Their breathability is worth paying for. They allow easy exchange of heat and don’t let you suffocate or sweat at warmer temperatures. They are also great at insulating when the weather gets too harsh.

Silk material also has the following qualities and is considered one of the most premium ones. But it is very delicate and prone to wear and tear. It depends on your choice; do you prefer comfort over durability, or not? Choosing fabrics like poly-cotton is not too wise because it is not very good at heat regulation.


You commonly have three different shapes in a sleeping bag: mummy, rectangular, and semi-rectangular. All of them have their benefits.


Mummy shape has tapered or a more contoured cut through the legs and feet. The specialty of this design is its thermal efficiency. Mummy design provides you a snug fit; it allows the body heat to stay trapped inside and renders maximum insulation. It creates lesser room for cooler air to enter.

Even if a larger space gives you a more comfortable sleep, you don’t have to worry. The mummy shape has wide room through the torso and shoulders so you can fit in properly, and you can have more space for movement. Otherwise, if you are a broad camper, you can choose a rectangular design. Mummy design also utilizes less material and takes up lesser space in your backpack.

Rectangular Design

The rectangular design is a simple rectangular shape with no tapered cuts or contoured fit. It is not great at thermal regulation. Hence, it is best for people who are not comfortable in the confined and limited space of the mummy design. It is best for indoors, like a basement sleepover, because it doesn’t offer extra insulation.

If you desire extra space, a snug fit, and efficient thermal regulation, you can go for the intermediate design – a semi-rectangular-shaped sleeping bag.


Most sleeping bag brands mention the temperature ratings in the product specifications. This factor is important enough to consider. It provides you with the lowest temperature in which a person can sleep comfortably, and at what temperature limit their bags can provide effective insulation. However, you should not fall for these ratings every time because they are mostly optimistic.


There are usually two types of insulations; both have their benefits.

Downs Insulation

Downs insulation is actually made from the plumage present beneath ducks and geese’s furry outer skin. It is incredibly soft and plushy. Hence, it is an excellent choice for its effective heat-trapping quality. It is also considered very breathable and light-weighted. It should be your choice if you prefer larger compressibility and want to save more space in your backpack.

The amount of heat down traps is determined by the fill power. Greater fill-power means a sleeping bag requires a lesser quantity of down to attain a certain temperature rating or fill space. Higher fill-power means a lighter sleeping bag.

Synthetic Insulation

Synthetic insulation is also very durable and highly resistant. It performs almost the same as downs insulation and is great at providing insulation from colder temperatures. It is far cheaper than down insulation. You should choose it if you are on a budget because overall performance is not very different from downs insulation. However, synthetics are a lot bulkier and heavier to carry around.

Our Top Picks

After knowing the criteria for the best sleeping bag under $50, let’s proceed with our top recommendations. They all are perfect for hiking, trekking, or camping. They are shortlisted based on performance at different temperatures and levels of comfort.

3.  Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag 

Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag

Choosing a sleeping bag that works perfectly for summers and winters as well is quite a task. With Coleman Brazos Sleeping Bag, you can enjoy a fun, night-out, camping adventure. It works the best for all kinds of weather. Its advanced construction protects you from the heat in warmer weather and insulates you in freezing temperatures.

A zipper that snaps off too often gives you a hard time. Coleman Brazos sleeping bag has a smoothly running zipper. It is positioned away from the fabric to prevent zipper snagging or breaking off. Furthermore, it has zipper glide tailoring that allows for the smooth running of the zipper.

It measures up to 33 by 75 inches (W x D) and ideally fits campers up to 5 ft. of height. This works ideally for 20-40 degrees. You can easily connect two Coleman Brazos bags to make it one spacious bag, which can accommodate two people. It is best if you want to be next to your partner.

This is also machine-washable, meaning you can easily throw it inside the washing machine without having to fear it wearing out or sustaining any damage. It also relieves the pains of hand-washing your sleeping bag.


  • Polyester is abrasion-resistant and warm
  • Tricot is smooth and good at trapping heat inside
  • Thermos-Lock technology provides ideal insulation
  • Zipper Glide Tailoring prevents it from snapping off
  • It works best in warm and cold temperature


  • It is only suitable for average-heighted people

Polyester Construction

The most crucial factor is the construction of the sleeping bag. Coleman Brazos bags have outer polyester fabric. Polyester is a well-known material for durability. It is abrasion-resistant, extremely lightweight, breathable, and excellent at wicking away moisture. Therefore, it will keep you cool at warmer temperatures. It is very efficient in trapping heat and also keeps you warm in cold weather.

The bag has an inner lining of tricot material. It is made from well-knitted strands of wool or nylon that make it stretchy. It is the ideal material for cold weather because it is exceptionally soft and gentle. Also, it is exceptional at providing complete insulation from cold.

Insulation: This sleeping bag is constructed with many smart technologies to provide maximum warmth and comfort at freezing temperatures. Its FiberLock technology is one of them; it insulates and effectively traps body heat. So, you remain cozy inside. Another advancement is the Thermo-Lock feature. Often, the trapped heat escapes through the zipper, making you uncomfortable. This technology specifically encloses all the warmth inside and doesn’t let it escape through the zipper.

2.  Hewolf Camping Sleeping Bag

Hewolf Camping Sleeping Bag

Enjoy camping outdoors at different times of the year because Hewolf Sleeping Bag promises to render warmth and comfort regardless of the weather conditions. Carrying a sleeping bag with limited luggage becomes very difficult.

Hewolf resolves your problem by providing a compression sack. Now, it is easy to roll up the bag and just put it inside a compression sack, and you are good to go for any adventure. It weighs only 4lbs and is lightweight and easy to carry around. It works best for temperatures ranging from 32-50 Fahrenheit.

This bag has versatile uses; you can unzip it and use it as a blanket inside a car, or you can zip it up and use the head pocket to keep yourself warm. For more ventilation, you can unzip the foot zipper. If you prefer to be with your partner, you can zip up two single Hewolf sleeping bags and make it one. It will create enough room to accommodate two people.


  • Made from highly durable, waterproof outer covering
  • Inner side has cotton filling for maximum insulation
  • Double, snag-free zipper to get in and out easily
  • Inner pocket to hold your valuables safely
  • Larger size can accommodate 6.3ft. of height


  • Waterproofing may use a chemical coating

Polyster Pongee

Construction and type of material determine the level of comfort. Hewolf’s outer layer is extremely sturdy and resistant to any kind of wear and tear. It is made from 190T Polyester Pongee material, which is waterproof. It keeps you warm in any kind of weather. The waterproof outer-shell keeps you away from wet soil, rainwater, or snow. It has 4lbs of cotton filling inside. Cotton works great as an insulator; it is perfect for trapping body heat. Its softness and warmth will make you comfortable, even on an uneven landscape.


Typically, sleeping bags can accommodate average-sized people. This creates a huge problem for taller people. But Hewolf sleeping bag is specially customized for adults and taller people. It measures up to 82.6 x 29.5 inches. It is roomy and spacious enough to accommodate heights up to 6.3ft. You can buy it for adults, teens, or even toddlers. Its extra space will make it easier to sleep at night. It also contains inner pockets. It helps you safely place your valuables inside when you are at a public spot.

Closures: For closures, this bag incorporates zippers. They are made from heavy-duty, high-quality material. It is positioned to avoid zipper snagging or breaking off. It runs smoothly and is very durable. Additionally, it has a double zipper on the inside and outer side. So, you can get in and come out quickly. In warmer weather, limited space and airflow can cause suffocation. For this purpose, this bag comes in with a separate zipper at the foot. This feature allows excess breathability and exchange of air. So, you can stay comfortable in every type of season. There is also a drawstring hoodie you can wrap around your head to feel more cozy and secure.

1.  Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag

Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag

Having a warm and cozy sleeping bag awaiting you after a long, tiring hiking or trekking journey is the most satisfying feeling. Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag has got all the features to be your next favorite. Its specific mummy design ensures a snug fit at colder temperatures. It claims to render comfort in all four seasons and works best at a temperature ranging from 32 to 59 Fahrenheit. It can keep you warm at temperatures as low as 14 degrees Fahrenheit.

Carrying around large and sizeable sleeping bags is not feasible at all. Bessport comes in with a compression sack. You can easily roll it up and stuff it inside a compression bag. For ultra-compression, you can tighten the elastic rope. It is light-weighted, having a total weight of only 3.6lb. It is very compact, easy to store, and travel friendly.

Hand washing the messy sleeping bag after a long tiring trip is very annoying. But with the Bessport sleeping bag, there is no more tension; you can easily toss it inside a washing machine without fearing any damage. Its spray-bonded cotton filling will prevent the insulation from moving. Make sure you use cool water and gentle cycles.


  • Outer rip-stop fabric is resistant and highly waterproof
  • Inner lining is smooth polyester taffeta
  • Double, snag-free zipper is sturdy and easy to use
  • Inner pockets allow you to place your valuables safely
  • It is easy to clean and machine-washable


  • Some people are allergic to polyester

Rip-Stop Fabric

Bessport sleeping bag has its outer-shell made up of rip-stop fabric. Rip-stop material has crosshatched threads that make it extra durable and resistant to wear and tear. Double layers of rip-stop on the outside don’t only make it durable but waterproof also. It allows you to stay comfortable even in wet conditions like rain or snow. Its resistive properties ensure protection from other earthy elements like stones, branches, and twigs.

The inner lining of the bag is made from soft and smooth polyester taffeta fabric. It is a delicately woven material. It is designated to render warmth. Its plushy texture will keep you cozy throughout the night without scratching your skin. This insulation traps heat effectively and keeps you warm even in dampened or freezing conditions.


Bessport sleeping bag measures up to 14.5 x 11 inches. It has a standard mummy bag shape and can easily accommodate 6’1-6’6 ft. of height. The total length of the bag is 52.5 inches. Other measurements include shoulder girth (63 inches), hip girth (50.3 inches), and feet girth (33 inches). It is ideal for adults and teens.

High-Quality Zipper: For closures, this one comes in with a high-quality, sturdy zipper. It is positioned away from the fabric to prevent zipper snagging. It is durable and also runs very smoothly. Additionally, it contains a vented feet box. Hence, it has a spate zipper near the feet so you can tuck out your feet in warmer weather. This feature allows extra breathability, heat regulation, and the exchange of air. It also contains inner pockets to place your valuables inside safely. The drawstring hoodie accent gives a snug fit, helping you to cover your head and shoulders on a cold, wintery night, so you feel more warm and secure.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How does a sleeping bag work?

A sleeping bag functions by trapping the air around your body. Once the heat is trapped, the stationary air in the surrounding is warmed up by the heat generated by your body’s metabolism. In this way, a sleeping bag creates a barrier between you and the chilly outer environment. The fabric used in its manufacture also has some pores, which allow the effective exchange of heat. A sleeping bag won’t let you sleep in a puddle of sweat because it is built to be extremely breathable.

2.  Should I get a long or regular sleeping bag?

An averaged sized or regular sleeping bag can easily accommodate a person of 5-6 ft. If you are taller or broader, you should look for longer sleeping bags. Otherwise, it would get too congested for you to sleep comfortably. Normally, the bag’s length and the height it can accommodate is part of the product description.

3.  Are mummy sleeping bags uncomfortable?

A mummy-shaped sleeping bag has a narrow or tapered cut near the legs and toes. This type of shape was specifically designed to allow thermal efficiency. A mummy shape keeps the bag close to your body, which keeps you more warm and toasty inside. However, it has limited space to move inside. If you like to sleep freely, it may not be very comfortable for you. It depends on your preference; do you prefer warmth over space, or not?

4.  What makes a good sleeping bag?

The sole purpose of a sleeping bag is to provide you a comfortable sleep and make it easy to carry around. This is why a good sleeping bag will always weigh very little. Make sure your sleeping bag has a durable outer-shell, high compressibility, and higher filling power. These features will make it highly comfortable as well as light-weighted.


The products mentioned above are great at performance and, of course, affordability. These recommendations may have left you confused with their outstanding features. Therefore, we have decided to reveal our favorite. The best sleeping bag under $50 you can get is the Bessport Mummy Sleeping Bag. It has a highly durable rip-stop outer shell, and the inner lining is of soft polyester taffeta fabric. It weighs only 3.6 lbs. Hence, it is extremely travel-friendly and provides excellent insulation at different temperature ranges.

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