Best solar generator for camping

Best solar generator for camping


Camping trips can be fun as long as you have enough power to charge your appliances or electronic devices. When it comes to power needs, fuel generators can prove to be useful until you don’t run out of fuel in the middle of nowhere. In such a case, solar generators come to the rescue, as they provide renewable and clean energy in no time. Don’t worry, you don’t have to search the internet to find the best solar generator for camping.

We have created this article to help you find the solar generator that suits your power needs while camping. Don’t forget to read the FAQs at the end to make an informed decision.

Top 4 solar generators for camping

We have carefully reviewed the solar generators that are made for camping trips, and as a result, the top 4 solar generators are displayed in this list. Read the reviews of these generators to pick the best one that suits your budget and power needs.

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4. Goal zero yeti 1400 lithium portable power station

Goal zero yeti 1400 lithium portable power station

Goal zero is a popular name when it comes to portable solar generators, in fact, it is the first company to make solar generators a big thing.

The Lithium 1400 solar station offers a simple to use setup and key features that put the generator in the lead among other competitors. The 1425Wh battery of the generator is enough to power about 10 devices like a fridge, lights, fan, and more for the entire night.

The generator also offers a variety of connection options, such as USB, AC, USB-C, 12V, and USB-PD outputs. Moreover, the generator can charge simultaneously while powering up solar panels without harming the generator’s performance.

With that said, the Goal Zero yeti 1400 generator weighs less than 44 lbs, meaning you can take it for your camping trips and power up your devices without loud noise. Goal zero yeti takes the customer experience to a whole new level by providing the Goal Yeti App, which you can use to monitor and control the generator with Wi-Fi.


  • The solar generator is easy to set up
  • The generator offers a super high capacity power source
  • The generator offers an app for more control when connected to WiFi


  • The solar generator doesn’t come with a battery expansion pack

Waterproof: Goal Zero Yeti 1400 offers you amazing features that will last you for a long time, thanks to the company’s focus on durability. The generator’s battery pack is cased in a waterproof cover, meaning the battery will be protected from unwanted moisture and will last you for a long time.

3. Peppermint Energy Forty2 Max All-in-One Portable Solar Power Generator

Peppermint Energy Forty2 Max All-in-One Portable Solar Power Generator

The Peppermint Energy Forty2 generator is among the most powerful generators in the market, thanks to its all-in-one station and powerful battery.

The generator offers 2000 watts of surge power and 1000 watts of continuous power, making it one of the most powerful solar stations in the market. The lithium-ion battery of the Peppermint generator can power up devices like laptops, smartphones, mini-fridges, televisions, and other similar devices. Moreover, the battery has a lifespan of 1000, which means it will last you for several years.

You can power your devices by using either the two standard AC outlets or the two USB ports. Along with these two options, you also get a 24V power output port which you can use to connect different generators for higher power output.


  • The fully integrated design of the generator is convenient
  • The suitcase design of the generator makes it portable
  • The generator offers a powerful 2000Wh of long-lasting power


  • The generator is only powered by the sun

Inbuilt solar panels: The Peppermint Energy Forty2 comes with solar panels built into its body, making it very convenient to use compared to generators that need separate solar panels. When it comes to portability, the Peppermint Energy Forty2 generator can pack into a briefcase package, so you can carry it easily with you on camping trips. The all-in-one design not only adds to the portability but also helps you to stay within your budget by not having to buy additional solar panels.

2. Audew MP500 Portable Power Station

Audew MP500 Portable Power Station

The Audew MP500 portable generator is a lightweight solar power station that also can save energy. The generator offers pure sine wave energy, giving you clean power and silent operations.

Moreover, the solar generator is also easy to control and monitor, thanks to the LCD screen which shows you the real-time power status and other important information. The built-in batteries offer a power of 110V AC, along with a solar collection capacity of 200 Watts. Plus, the large battery capacity of the generator provides you with the jump-starter ability for your car.

With that said, the Audew MP500 has one downside that it doesn’t come with a solar panel, meaning you need to pay extra money to buy a solar panel to make full use of this generator.

Other than that, the Audew MP500 portable generator shines in terms of system safety features, which protects the generator from overheating, overcurrent, overload, and short circuit risks.

The generator also offers you three options to charge it, namely a solar panel, a home wall outlet, and a standard charger. You should note that the generator charges the fastest using solar energy absorption for eight hours. Moreover, the generator also comes with a USB port, so you can connect the devices using a USB connection.


  • The generator offers a jump-starting ability
  • The LCD screen makes the system easy to use and monitor
  • The generator comes with three ways to recharge


  • The package doesn’t come with a solar panel

Perfect for small devices: The Audew MP500 generator provides clean energy and offers great power, making it perfect for charging up your small devices. You can use the generator to jump-start your car, or power up your small devices like laptops, smartphones, mini-refrigerators, televisions, lamps, and the like in less time.

1. ALTIZURE 100W Portable Power Station

ALTIZURE 100W Portable Power Station

The Altizure 100W portable generator is compact yet packs a power punch compared to other generators of similar size. The generator comes with lithium-ion batteries and has a capacity of 146 watt-hours, meaning it can provide emergency support during camping trips.

Unlike the above-mentioned generator, Altizure 100W provides two options for charging, namely solar panel and home adapter charging.

That being said, the generator provides clean and noise-free power even when three devices are connected simultaneously to the generator.

Moreover, the generator also lets you monitor the power status of the battery so you can charge it accordingly and prevent fallouts during emergencies.

The Altizure portable generator is not only power efficient, but it is also safe to use, thanks to the overcurrent, overload, and short circuit protection features.

Moreover, the Altizure 100W portable generator takes the camping gear up a notch by providing you with LED lighting with three flash options. The flash modes include continuous light, flash, and a slow flash SOS for emergency situations.


  • The generator has the lightest weight at 3.7 pounds
  • The generator offers safety features to make the system last for long
  • The generator offers LED lighting with three flash options


  • The generator is not suited for high power needs

Lightweight: The Altizure portable generator is a reliable power source for home emergencies or camping trips. What makes the generator more interesting for outdoors is its lightweight. The generator weighs only 3.7 pounds, making it easier to carry around. Although the smallest unit on this list, the generator doesn’t compromise on the power needs and can charge devices like GPS, laptops, phones, and other similar gadgets.

FAQs about the best solar generator for camping

Are you still worried about which is the best solar generator for camping? Don’t worry, keep on reading and clear out all your confusion to make an informed decision.

1.    How does a solar generator work?

A solar generator has the following components that work together to give you clean energy to power up your devices.

  • Solar panels: The solar panels are the main component that captures sunlight and converts it into electricity. Although most solar generators come with a solar panel, some generators will require you to buy solar panels separately.
  • Battery: A battery of a solar generator stores the energy from the solar panels which then provides power to your devices in the later stage.
  • Charge controller: A charge controller controls the flow of current to the battery.
  • An inverter: The main job of an inverter is to convert the power from the battery into AC power or other kinds of current that are needed to power household appliances or electronic devices.

2.    What size of the solar generator is right for me?

Solar generators offer two watt ratings that you can use to determine which generator is suitable for your needs. The two watt ratings are:

  • Surge Watts: The surge watt refers to the amount of power that your generator can support for an initial high burst when starting electric motors. The surge lasts for less than a second but is very essential for restarting the generator in an outage. Let’s say that your appliance uses 500 watts of continuous power and takes 2000 watts to start, then you’ll need a solar generator that offers 2000 watts of surge power to restart it.
  • Continuous Watts: The continuous watt refers to the amount of power that your generator can consistently produce. You can calculate the total watts of continuous power you will need by adding the total number of watts your essential appliances use per hour and then multiplying it by how many hours you will need to use them daily.

That being said, most solar generators can power up commonly used devices like phones, laptops, mini-fridges, and more with ease. Whereas they can struggle with high-draw devices, such as air conditioners, well pumps, and other heavy appliances.

3.   What is the difference between battery capacity and power rating?

The capacity refers to the total amount of energy a battery can store, which has nothing to do with how much power output the generator can provide. To know the power output of a generator, you need to check the power rating of your generator’s battery.

Generally, a battery that has a low power rating and a high capacity can provide you with less electricity but for a longer time and vice versa.

4.   What should I avoid when purchasing a solar generator?

Here are some things you should avoid when looking for a solar generator, as they don’t add any value to your power needs.

  • Packages that are incomplete and require you to purchase additional parts
  • Systems that use obsolete parts, as you will be in trouble even if one of the parts stops working
  • Solar generators from companies that are not well-known and come with fewer warranties
  • Systems with electronic parts that are not water proof, as this will affect the durability of the generator.


We have tried our best to provide you with accurate information about each of the 4 solar generators in the review section. For additional help, you can dig deep into the FAQs to find answers to your questions. Lastly, we leave the decision of choosing the best solar generator for camping up to you. You can pick the generator that suits your power needs, is portable, and affordable.

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