Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping

Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping

Often, life needs to be revitalized by doing something refreshing, stimulating and exciting and motorcycling is just one the things that do just that. While the thrill of motorcycling may seem a lot and something out of their comfort zone, there are still a lot of people that consider it tame. So to satisfy those types of people, motorcycling while exploring the wilderness exists. To escape the nonstop hassle of everyday modern life, an extended motorcycle road trip is the perfect option.

While a motorcycle road trip equates to spontaneity and utter freedom, you should consider this one huge set back to this activity. You need a tent that can easily be stowed away, can store your gear and belongings, and shelter you when you are tired to the bone from your daytime riding adventures. This is why we will uncover our picks for the best tent for motorcycle camping equipment available in the market.

Best Tent for Motorcycle Camping

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Whether you are a newbie to this or someone who is thinking of tapping back into this adventurous activity, choosing the best tent for motorcycle camping can be hard to find. Comprised below are some best picks for tents and some valuable information that can help you determine your best choice.

3.  Harley-Davidson Dome Tent with Vestibule Motorcycle Storage

Harley-Davidson Dome Tent with Vestibule Motorcycle Storage

This one had been rated one of the best tents for motorcycle camping by a lot of users online when it comes to space to weight ratio. Bearing plenty of extra room for four or plus people with your motorcycle, this Harley-Davidson Dome Tent is surprisingly lightweight, only weighing 12 pounds which is almost unbelievable compared to the extra room it supplies. The poles of this tent are made from fiberglass, making it tough and resilient.

While most tents can be congested and suffocating, this H-D Dome Tent provides ample ventilation. It is made from very high-quality breathable mesh panels that line along its roof, which allows the atmosphere of the tent to be uncongested and airy. All the while allowing the cool breeze from outside to blow in. This tent is made to bear all kinds of harsh weather with its 40″ x 40″ front and rear doors with extra protective mesh that offers insect protection, and it includes safety inside zipper with strong storm flaps to provide you extra protection against the weather.


  • Easy setup
  • Clear view windows for visibility


  • A bit large for long-distance travel

Detachable Vestibule Storage: The most special feature of this tent is its storage capacity. This tent has an attached vestibule that is specifically designed for providing storage for your motorcycle with reinforced floor seams that offer the safety of your gears and protection against the weather. This storage vestibule is removable if you decide to go camping without the added motorcycle thrill.

2.  The North Face WAWONA 6

The North Face WAWONA 6

Anyone who has ever done some extensive outdoor adventure is very familiar with this brand. North Face is known for its high-quality outdoor gear and tents all around the market, and WAWONA 6 is surely the talk of the town. This tent is what most newbies in motorcycle camping ask for when they go shopping for a tent because they have heard so much about this. This tent consists of a spacious enclosure that has enough legroom for up to 6 people with the motorcycle storage.

This tent has a big vestibule that is set upfront with a convenient dual-door entrance that leads to this tent’s minimalistic yet practical wall design setup that is 100% waterproof which also eliminates the hassle from the process of its assembling and teardown. If you need any additional ventilation system and want a tent with a relaxing view of your wild surroundings, then the Wawona 6 is your best friend. Its double-window design definitely will prove up to your satisfaction, offering a clear view so that you can appreciate the beauty of nature so close to you.

This tent also has internal dry lines, hang-loops, lantern holders that are sturdy and made from Velcro with additional hang-loops to ensure the multipurpose of this tent. It also has a top vent that is will prevent any condensation buildup inside the along with some mesh siding to offer you an airy atmosphere when you are in it.


  • Heavy-duty
  • Added internal features
  • Condensation deterring ventilation


  • No rain flap

Heavy-Duty Poles: While most tents provide ample storage, good ventilation, or soft siding for comfort, they often lack when it comes to resilience against the weather and durability. Wawona 6 has durable and resilient 14mm thick poles that leave no room for uncertainty about their durability while providing convenience to the user’s need by their pre-bent structure to offer more room inside.

1.  Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Coleman Hooligan Backpacking Tent

Reaching high among its many competitors, Coleman Hooligan Tent is the one you want when you want a cheap but reliable motorcycle camping adventure. Rated for the “Best Value’ ever since it came out it in the market, this tent has it all and for you a price you definitely cannot say no to. Made specifically for bikers who are searching for a cheap yet durable option, this tent generally retails for under $100.

This tent offers enough room for two or more people with a covered vestibule in the front, which is the perfect storage place for your motorcycle and your gear. Since it was first designed for backpacking, it weighs extremely light and packs down small, which makes it very easy and convenient to fit on your bike. This tent was specifically designed for motorcycle camping, so it packs down into a small shape and is incredibly lightweight, which makes it very easy for fitting onto most motorcycles. Its layout is of single-pole design which makes it much uncomplicated to assemble and setup.

It also has a ping-and-ring system in the corner for pole connections to prevent them from slipping. With added storage pockets and an included rainfly, this makes it a very best value for price product, perfect for having fun while sticking on a budget.


  • Well-constructed
  • Thunderstorm proof
  • Budget-friendly


  • The fabric feels a little thin

Weathertec Features: This tent is well-recognized for its amazing features build to withstand the weather with its inverted seams that increase the weather resistance by hiding needle holes inside the tent. It has a wind-strong frame with an added zipper that is made of weather-resistant fabric to add protection. It has Waterproof floors that will not let the wet weather ruin your perfect adventure.

Buyer’s Guide

Going on a motorcycle road trip is no easy task but choosing a tent for you to camp during the night is even harder. While the rocky roads and the speed of your motorcycle offer you the thrill and risk you desire, your tent gives you protection, comfort, safety, and storage for both you and your bike. Upon choosing the best tent for motorcycle camping, there is a lot you need to consider. If you want to experience risk, you should also neutralize it with protection and safety.


If you are considering going on a motorcycle road trip and you camp, you need a place to store your motorcycle and gear safely. A good tent that is made for motorcycle camping should always have a vestibule. This vestibule will be a tent itself for your bike and your precious gear, protecting it from the weather, the wildlife, or even from theft.

A tent with a vestibule is considered an essential thing you bring on your trip. It is also very important for riders because of the amount of kit they carry. It can also act as a perfect place for you to store away your muddy boots and dirt ridden gear so that the rest of your belongings and tent remain clean. It also doubles up as the front porch of your tent in which you can change while having the luxury of privacy.


A motorcycle is small. So the amount and the weight of the kit you bring severely matters. Tents often tend to be bulky and troublesome to carry so a motorcycle camping tent should always be lightweight while proving you the storage you require. While riding, the last thing you need to keep you from the thrill of it all is the luggage weighing you down. Any tent that weighs over 2.5 kg is considered bulky and bad for riding.


Most people often look past this feature when they buy a tent, and after laying in it, they almost instantly regret it at once. Motorcycle camping is a vigorous and rough activity. So the material of all your kit and gear should be tough and able to withstand rough usage. When it comes to the material of the tent, it must be able to hold out against the weather, the ground, the surroundings, and the continuous process of packing and setting it up.

Weather Proofing

When going on a motorcycle camping trip, you need to consider the season and climates you will be traveling through. Ignorance against this factor when buying a camp for your trip can easily ruin everything very fast. Let’s say for instance you are six days in your motorcycle camping trip and it rains when you are camped inside your tent because there is a thunderstorm. If your tent isn’t waterproof, and its poles aren’t resilient, you will be left sitting in cold pooling water and a heavy freezing breeze that will most definitely rip your tent out.

Make sure the tent you buy is resilient against rain with rain flaps, has a ventilation system in case you are camped somewhere warm, and has durable poles that will not uproot if there are heavy torrents of breeze. 


1.  Do you need a tarp under the tent?

If you want to ensure the durability of your tent, then it is essential that you lay down a tarp before setting up your tent. Putting it under your tent will keep it warm and dry and provide some comfort and safety as well against the ground and rocks.

2.  What is a tent footprint?

A tent footprint is a cover for ground that acts as an extra layer and helps protect the material of the floor of your tent from damage. When you get inside the tent and move around it, all the movement and your body weight can cause abrasion against the rough surface of the ground against the floor of your tent.

3.  How do I make my tent waterproof?

There are three ways you can waterproof a tent. First, by applying the seam sealer to keep the moisture from seeping in or out, you can seal the seams. Second, getting urethane coating on the inside of your rainfly and the floor of your tent can help against the moisture. Third, by getting durable water repellant rainfly.

4.  What should I pack for my motorcycle camping trip?

Going on a motorcycle camping trip means you would need to move a lot, which is an indicator enough that you should pack the bare essentials. Your gear, food, and your clothes should be your priority. Make certain that you shouldn’t carry any more electronics than those that are crucial. Pack as little as possible, and everything should be lightweight so that you can carry it on your motorcycle with ease.

5.  Can I cook inside my tent if it’s raining?    

Cooking inside a tent is often referred to as one of the biggest “DON’TS” when we talk about camping. Cooking inside a tent can cause many hazards; firstly, the smoke from the tent can stay inside and soak in the material of it and ruin it. Your tent is made up of fabric, and you have a lot of your gear such as your backup and cloths that are also fabric, meaning they can easily catch fire and become a life-threatening situation.

Final Words

You can very easily get fed-up with the monotony motion of life and doing stimulating and exhilarating activities are the way to spice things up. Motorcycle camping is 100% arousing and fun activity that can bring your family and your friends close with you and provide the thrill that your life lacks, so to make it the perfect adventure, a good tent is a necessity. 

Whichever tent you choose, you should remember to take good care of your tent, keep it clean and damage-free. While riding a motorcycle equates to thrill and fun full of risk, a tent should be the best shelter and storing place for you and your safety.

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