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Proper camping gear is mandatory for people fond of traveling and camping. Having only a good camp is not necessary; you also have to look for the other instruments like tent stakes. It is strenuous to put stakes into hard grounds, so the professionals must know about the best tent stakes for hard ground.

A camping traveler must know the best-suited place for putting up the tent. If you go somewhere without any plan, it becomes hard to find the right place for putting your tent. So you have to be ready for any ground. And this is the thing that frustrates both seasoned and recreational campers. People often forget them while making a list for camping, but if you keep tent stakes on your priority list while planning for camping, it will prove to be of great help.

A camping traveler must know the best-suited place for putting up the tent. If you go somewhere without any plan, it becomes hard to find the right place for putting your tent. So you have to be ready for any ground. And this is the thing that frustrates both seasoned and recreational campers. People often forget them while making a list for camping, but if you keep tent stakes on your priority list while planning for camping, it will prove to be of great help.

The only problem with pegs is that they bend while you drive them into the soil. So for this purpose, you should use steel pegs. Titanium ones are also acceptable.

V-shaped stakes work well on hard ground, but nail or screw-shaped is even better. Nail-shaped stakes are reliable and don’t bend fast. So suggest using nail pegs.

Top 10 Best Tent Stakes for Hard Ground

10. Vargo Titanium Nail Peg

Wenzel Klondike Tent

When trekking in the wilderness, it’s always best to carry your essential gear. Vargo Titanium Nail Peg packs down to fit in the palm of your hand and sets up quickly with three stakes. This handy accessory can be used as a tent peg, a guyline for a tarp or bivy sack, or an emergency stake for your shelter in the event of a bad weather day. This innovative nail peg is exceptionally lightweight and durable, making it a great addition to any backpack.

It is a solid and incredible design that can hold your tent tightly to the ground. It has a flat head to hammer down the nail in the ground. They are the most lightweight and dependable outdoor product. They are coated with titanium with stoves, mugs, pots, etc., and are ultra-light products.


  • Small and light enough to take anywhere
  • Good for hard rocky grounds
  • Nail pegs hold tents, tarps, and other camping gear sturdily in place
  • Unsurpassed holding power. Even in soft snow or sand
  • Perfect for fast and light adventures on the backpacking trails
  • Quality material


  • A little bit expensive
  • Poor attachments of guy lines


Vargo titanium tent pegs are 6 inches and best suited for the hard grounds. They won’t bend easily, even if you dig them in rocky areas. Its large length can be dug in more and can hold the tent more easily.

Reflective Cords: This product includes reflective cords, which can increase the visibility of the pegs even at night. And these cords make it easy to remove the pegs.

9. MSR Groundhog Tent Pegs

Coleman Steel Creek Fast Pitch Dome Tent with Screen Room

MSR is a company known as mount safety research; Larry Penberthy started the company to make reliable equipment. It is one of the most famous tent stakes for a wide variety of soil surfaces. Engineered to be incredibly strong and durable, MSR Groundhog Tent Pegs are great for all three seasons. With a near-vertical profile that maximizes downward force, these pegs dig deep into the ground to anchor your tent in tough spots. They’re made of rugged 7075-T6 aluminum with a versatile green color that won’t fade, and they come with steel rings that allow you to lash or bungee cord them together.

The reflective cord makes it more efficient; you can detect the pegs easily at night. It is a pack of 6 pegs convenient to cover the whole tent. Its Y-beam design ensures you that it can work easily in extreme weather conditions. The upper cords allow the pegs to remove easily when packing up your tent.

These MSR groundhog tent pegs can be used for both trekking and mountaineering expeditions, providing solid attachment for your tent, rainfly, tarp, and more. The steel shaft is light but strong, and the large eye makes it easy to clip all sorts of things


  • They are small at about 0.5″ to store in your packs side pocket
  • You’ll be able to pitch your tent even faster
  • Easy to grip a-frame shape for less leverage needed for hammering tent pegs into the ground
  • Low in price
  • Heavy-duty stakes
  • Virtually indestructible


  • Not that reliable
  • May get rusted


It is made of very lightweight aluminum; it weighs only 0.46 ounces. This product is best for backpackers.

Sizes: The set includes six individual tent pegs that are 7.5 inches long. It also has mini stakes, which are 0.35 ounces and 6 inches in length.

8. Eurmax Galvanized Tent Pegs

Coleman Cabin weather master Camping Tent

If you want to pitch your tent in the middle of the woods, the first thing that you should keep in mind is the heavy-duty tent stakes. These tent pegs can increase your security and can set your tent even on hard grounds.

Eurmax Galvanized is non-rusted stakes for family pop-up tents. They are stable and easy to drive in the soil or any hard ground. If you want to make your tent stable even in the strong wind or want to secure your canopy on soil, these tent pegs work the best. The ropes and stoppers of these pegs have the best value for money. Its 10ft rope and green stoppers made of galvanized steel are solid and rust-free. This is a heavy-duty stake pack of 10, and you can easily use it in heavy winds, sand, grass, and rocky soil surfaces for your perfect memorable camping.

This product is appreciable because it is a complete set of pegs. Some sets include only 4 to 5 pegs, but there is a set of 10 that you may use both for small and large tents.


  • Well-made and has a reasonable price
  • Strongly recommended if using it for hard grounds
  • These pegs secure your tent and have big heads for easy driving on the ground
  • it includes replacement heads
  • You can use it either in wind or rain
  • Provide excellent value for money
  • They are anti-corrosion


  • Its plastic tips can break easily, so always keep extra stakes with you
  • Heavier than other stakes

Good for Camping

If you are a camping sucker, you don’t want to spoil your trip just because of your tent. All a camping needs is a good tent setup, and for that, you need a good stake to hold your tent. Eurmax is the number one brand for the stakes, and they are durable and solidly built.

Ease of Use: It works the same way as it is advertised. It is effortless to use; you don’t need enough force to dig it in. When it comes to packing up after camping, you can drive them out easily with cords’ help.

7. Titanium Shepherds Hook Stake

Coleman Evanston Dome Tent with Screen Room

Shepherd Hook titanium Stake is made in the USA and is one of the most reliable stakes for tents. They are the lightest in weight and designed to keep backpackers in mind. These tent pegs are surprisingly flexible; they are thin-designed stakes and can bend down easily. It can also move back to its original shape when removed from the ground. Its hook design allows easy removal from the hard ground. They are lightweight and fulfill the needs of backpackers to take small space, and are more durable than aluminum stakes.

The only quibble with this tent stake is that it can be a little squirrely to get them in a proper place on the hard ground due to its flexibility, don’t stomp hard on them as they can break.

Shepherd Hook Stake is the original titanium peg with a head of orange fluorescent coating that can help you see the pegs even at night. It is almost less than 1/3 ounces. It is the best ultra-light outdoor gear.


  • They are easy to use
  •  They are simple yet effective and will go for a lifetime.
  • Solidly built
  • High quality, lightweight and durable
  • It can be visible at night
  • You can use it as a tent spike and an anchor for your dinghy or hammock


  • No cord loops included


These are heavy-duty tent stakes and are made of titanium. It has an orange fluorescent coating to increase visibility. The material used in it is 100% pure. The nail is sturdy and durable. The aluminum hooks are not that reliable; they can bend easily while digging into the ground. Titanium stakes are relatively better, they are long-lasting, but the only problem is that they are expensive.

Length: The length matters a lot to grab the tent tightly. It would help if you always went for the tent, which is 6 + in length, and the titanium shepherd hook is 10 inches.

6.  SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Pegs

Coleman Elite Montana screened porch tent

Many of us enjoy camping but have never had the pleasure of trying our hand at it. This is because we don’t want to be caught out in the wild with a flimsy tent. Because of this, we’ve designed this metal SE Heavy-Duty tent peg to ensure that your new camping ventures become a reality.

SE Heavy-Duty Metal Tent Peg comes in a pack of 4 and is the perfect addition to your home or campsite. The pegs are straight, slightly curved, and have holes on either end so that you can easily anchor your tent and get a secure setup. These strong pegs are made from heavy-duty steel with a PVC coating for added durability and stability.

These stakes are versatile, and both the hooks and ropes provide extra strength to your tent. They are easy to use because of easy mallet driving; you can use them in soil, grass, sand, and rocky surfaces. These are durable, thanks to their anti-corrosion technology. It is 10.5 inches long, a perfect tent which is required for your tent. They are also very easy to remove from the ground. They are takeaway pegs and very reliable.


  • Lightweight
  • It works well on cement and clay
  • Impressive power to hold your tent
  • Large in length
  • It doesn’t bend easily
  • It is versatile, can be used on different surfaces soil, sand, and hard ground
  •  You will be able to use them for many years with ease
  • Budget-friendly
  • It comes in large packing
  • Pack includes cords


  • Sharp edges may cut the loops
  • Installation may be difficult


The heavy-duty pegs are made of 10.5% carbon steel; they are threaded and can withstand windy weather. It is galvanized steel that is anti-corrosion and has a thermoplastic top.

Weight and Size: It is light at 4.36 pounds. It has a small diameter and is very solidly built. The length is 10-1/2. The normal length should be 6+, and it has a large length, which helps keep the tent relatively firm and stable.

5.  ABCCANOPY Tent Stakes

Core 11-person Family Cabin Tent with screened porch

ABCCANOPY Heavy Duty Steel Tent Stakes – Perfect for use with most Pop-Up Canopy, Frame, Top, and Wall Tents. These durable steel tent stakes are 10 inches long with a 2-inch wide head that provides superior holding power. A rust-proof coating ensures that they won’t become brittle from rain or sun exposure.

It is made of galvanized steel which is anti-corrosion. It can be inserted easily in soil, sand, and rocky areas. It includes 10 ft. rope. These tent stakes are made of durable stainless steel with a plastic handle. They’re designed to be easy to use, as they need the only one-handed operation and can be installed or removed from your tent.


  • It can fit any tent
  • It doesn’t get rusted easily
  • Won’t bend or break in extreme conditions
  • Prevents tent from tipping or windblown debris from pushing the stake out of the ground
  • Great for campers and hikers that need to dig into the ground to set up their tents


  • Tips are sharp, and they can break easily

Solid Material

It is made of galvanized steel which is corrosion-free. The tops are made of polypropylene which is durable and can withstand wind.

Versatile: Its sharp tips make it easy to dig into the surface easily. They can hold strong wind, grass, and rocks. It is perfect for outdoor camping. With this stake pack, your trip would become more adventurous and excited.

4.  MSR Core Tent Stake

Ozark Trail 9 Instant Cabin Tent with Screen Room

Thanks to the MSR® Core™ Tent Stake’s versatility, you can use just one to secure your tent or buy a few extras and connect them to create your customized guylines. This convenient accessory is perfect for any type of weather and terrain, with a strong hold for high winds yet flexible enough to mold out of the way in sand or snow. Our innovative design provides two connection options – stake only and stake with loop. The sharpened ends make it easy to pass through the tough ground or into a loop on your tent

The Carbon Core Stake is coated with 7050 aluminum alloy, one of the most famous alloys known for anti-corrosion.


  • It can set up in just 2 minutes as the poles are pre-attached to the tent
  • Spacious enough to accommodate 9 persons
  • The large ceiling of 7 foot
  • It has an electrical cord port
  • For all the seasons
  • Large mesh windows
  • Proper cross ventilation system
  • Build-in LED


  • Without floor porch area
  • The porch area is not rainproof

Firm Hold

MSR Core Tent Stakes are the most expensive ones and are lightweight. You can use titanium ones if you can’t afford this. But the drawback of titanium is that they are not reliable; it can bend when it comes to hard ground. They do not have the best holding quality as the MSR carbon core tent stake has.

Size: The MSR Core Stake is 15 to 23 cm in length and 5.5 grams in weight. The diameter is thin but has a full size and is light in weight compared to the other models. They are so lightweight that they can even float in water.

3.  Orange Screw Tent Stake

World Famous Sports Camping Tent with screened porch

Create a sturdy base for your tent or outdoor canopy with the Orange Screw Tent Stake. Drilling directly into your campsite’s ground is easy with this stake’s concave head and its ability to hold up in the wind, thanks to its interlocking shank. This practical stake will keep you feeling safe under canvas or on the go within seconds

Orange Screw comes in two sizes, a large with a pack of two and a small with four. The most notable features are that they are made in the USA and made from recycled material. Both screws are of solid build and well-made. The clear difference between both is that the smaller one has an open hook located at the side corner. Overall it is smoothly made except for the end as it is sharp to dig easily into the ground.

They are recommended to use in the grass and firm soils; the small ones can be used for small dogs, landscaping, and camping. The large ones can be used for soils and herd grounds, canopy or shade shelters, large dogs, RV awnings, boating river trips, and camping.


  • Solid build
  • Lightweight, especially for backpackers
  • It keeps your tent from blowing away with wind gusts and helps to ensure a safe sleep at night
  • Easy to install and is reliable
  • Easily spotted even in the toughest weather


  • It can bend, but you can make the hole first to avoid this situation

Size: The small screw has a length of 9 1/2 inches with a weight of 1.8 ounces and a thread diameter of 7/8.  The large one has 12 1/4 inches with a weight of 3.6 ounces and a thread diameter of 1 1/8.

2.  EXPLOMOS Tent Stakes

Napier Family-Tents sportz SUV Tent

EXPLOMOS Tent Stakes can be hammered and plucked, which is very easy. It has many styles, like folding, scraper, rebar or nail, etc., about 30 kinds of style. Other stakes are only used to hammer into the ground. But EXPLOMOS tent stakes can combine the function of both hammering and scraping. This is why it is very consumer-friendly. Its method is to put the steel wire into the tube and then coil around.  We make our products more user-friendly.

The tips are sharp and have large top heads with holes to penetrate the ground’s stake with ease. It can easily dig into the ground, and the hole makes it even easier to take them out of the ground.


  • They don’t bend or break in hard soil
  • They are made of sturdy material
  • Designed to stand up against strong gusts of wind
  • Come in different packaging with light to heavyweights
  • Very flexible, easy to use, and carry


  • They are not as durable as solid steel stakes


It includes 4, 8, and 10 packagings with weights of 1.4, 2.8, and 3.5 ounces. Its length is 11.8 inches with a diameter of 0.39 inches.

Sturdy Material:  EXPLOMOS tent stake has forged steel and is solidly built. It’s long and strong enough to withstand wind.

1.  Coleman Steel Nail Tent Pegs

ALPHA CAMP Family Camping Tent with Screen Room

 These durable steel pegs won’t bend under your camping tent’s weight, and sturdy vinyl tips won’t get caught or snagged in carpets or rugs. Each peg contains a multiple-sized nail that creates strong anchoring points on the ground. The dual-handle design allows you to easily grab a peg and hammer it securely into hard ground. The Coleman Nail Peg is a unique nail-style peg that holds your tent securely to the ground, eliminating the need for heavy stakes. It even works on plastic ground coverings and can be used multiple times! Fun for use at home and while camping.

You can sleep without any tension because Coleman can make your tent secure. They are specially designed for hard grounds.


  • Great value for money
  • It doesn’t break easily
  • They adjust to fit all types of soils, from loose sandy dirt to hard-packed clay
  • Eliminate the need for hammering and keep the handles from flying off
  • Rust-resistant
  • Easy to remove from hard grounds


  • Heavy


Coleman Steel Nail Tent Pegs are made of galvanized steel. It includes polypropylene tops and steel coating stakes. You can use these in soil, rocks, sand, etc. They are durable and won’t break or bend easily.

Length: These stakes are almost 11 inches long, which makes them more secure. The more the stake in the ground, the better it can hold the tent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can you easily get a tent peg in the hard ground?

We have tent pegs that are solid enough to dig in hard grounds but prevent any damage, and you can add a little water to the area you want to place your stake. The area will become soft enough to easily put the peg into the hard ground without much effort.

What kind of tent stakes are best for hard grounds?

Strong pegs made of solid steel and thick metal spikes are reliable. V-shaped pegs are long and strongly built. They are thinner than others. T-shaped pegs are also good but just for soft grounds.

Which is the best angle to set the tent peg?

You should set your tent pegs at a 45° angle into the ground. It will keep your tent on the ground and hold it more tightly. It can easily withstand windy conditions.

What is the material from which tent pegs are made?

The material determines the reliability, strength, and weight of the stake. We have steel stakes, plastics, titanium, aluminum, carbon-coated, etc.

The steel pegs are number one because they won’t break or bend easily, but they are heavy. Plastic ones are not that reliable but are super lightweight. The aluminum and titanium ones are average to use, both are almost the same, but titanium pegs are more expensive than the aluminum ones.


Buying a high-quality tent provides a great start for your camping, but if your expensive tent starts flapping around in the heavy wind, your money is wasted. So, tent stakes are necessary to fix your tent firmly.

Here we’ve mentioned various tent stakes for hard grounds, and they are a good fit for you. Before buying a good tent peg, remember the good for the hard grounds, such as steel, titanium, and aluminum. From this list of 10 best tent stakes for hard ground, help yourself and select the best as per your requirement.

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