Best Women’s Running Shorts for Big Thighs

Best Women’s Running Shorts for Big Thighs


Over the years, people have become more self-aware of their physical health and fitness. They have learned how keeping yourself fit and active, ultimately improves your physical and mental health.

For many decades, people considered outdoor sports and activities to be a male domain. However, the situation is a lot different now. Females have more freedom in every field of life, and that extends to outdoor activities as well. They are participating in various sports and physical activities to keep their health and fitness on track.

Some women even take up sports as a profession and represent their respective countries at international sports events such as the Olympics. Some of the female favorite sports/physicals activities include cycling, yoga, tennis, swimming, and the like. However, the most widely indulged-in activity is running.

Who wouldn’t enjoy a nice jog around the neighborhood park every morning before work? Also, being a convenient activity, it is easier to commit to than most sports. But the key to a nice jog is your jogging attire. However, running in uncomfortable clothes is a big no-no!

Imagine running on a hot day with your leggings or shorts rubbing on your thighs. The chaffing your poor thighs are going to get is painful to even think of. This problem aggravates females with bigger thighs wearing ill-fitting running shorts, which rub against the skin and cause intense burning and irritation. This is why choosing the right running shorts is essential.

Best Women’s Running Shorts for Big Thighs

After a lot of research, we’ve put together a list of the top five running shorts that are the most comfortable to run in for females with bigger thighs.

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5. Nike Women’s ICON Clash Running Shorts

Nike Women’s ICON Clash Running Shorts

This is probably the best one on the market in terms of keeping you sweat-free and providing ventilation through your run, which makes it perfect for a summer morning or evening run. It has a stretchable fabric that feels soft on the skin, with an additional mesh panel on each side, providing the perfect ventilation for a long summer run.


  • Has a stretchable fit and waist
  • Breathable material for better and longer running
  • Mesh panels provide ventilation
  • Dri-Fit Technology keeps you sweat-free
  • Made of 100% polyester


  • The lining does not have extra space to pull up higher on the waist
  • Shows sweat stains on the fabric
  • The short sizes may not accommodate all body types

Dri-Fit Technology: This helps keep sweat miles away, and you keep running miles forward. Another plus is the modern and unique style, which is a hallmark of all Nike sportswear.

4. Blevonh Women’s Cozy Running Shorts

Blevonh Women’s Cozy Running Shorts

These shorts are soft to the touch and have a flexible fabric that adjusts according to your size. That makes them a good option for females with medium-thick thighs as well. The material is a blend of spandex and polyester, making the shorts more elastic and breathable.

A huge plus point is the pockets on both sides, excellent for keeping your phone, wallet, and headphones with you on the go. The fit does not snugly cling to the thighs but instead fits loosely but not lose enough to disrupt movement. It also has a sweat preventing feature, a must for running in hot and humid conditions.


  • Made of breathable material
  • Sweat and water dries quickly
  • Keeps sweat at bay
  • Built-in pockets to store essentials
  • Can be washed in the machine or by hand


  • There may be problems with the size

Loose Fit: Even though most running shorts tend to cling tightly to the tighs, these shorts allow some looseness while still fitting well. This keeps sweat and moisture at bay during your run.

3. TYUIO Workout Shorts

TYUIO Workout Shorts

Who wouldn’t love to jog around in silk shorts that look pretty and feel pretty too? But the absolute havoc they would cause on a summer day is a bargain most of us are not willing to make. The silk shorts might be a good choice for anyone involved in indoor activities like yoga, but running around the block in silk will only give you sweat stains and chaffing.

However, these TYUIO shorts have blended 88% polyester and 12% spandex to create a breathable material that feels smooth as silk but causes no sweating, chaffing, or irritability to the skin. These shorts are perfectly stretchable and moisture-absorbent while being thin but not see-through. These high waisted shorts are a snug fit but not too much to highlight all your curves.


  • Smooth and silky feel on the skin
  • Has pockets to accommodate belongings
  • Made of moisture-absorbent material
  • Fits snugly but loose enough to not mold with the body


  • Not a lot of color options

Two-in-One Shorts: These shorts are perfect for both indoor and outdoor sports activities. They can serve as yoga pants for a rainy day indoor yoga session and also as comfortable running shorts while out on a jog.

2. Joe’s Ladies Running Shorts

Joe’s Ladies Running Shorts

These are the coolest shorts on the block with a nostalgic 80s look but a much more modern build to keep sweat away and make your run an entirely enjoyable experience. Apart from being good looking, they are also very long-lasting as they consist of 100% polyester.

Like all other shorts, the main feature of these shorts is to prevent your thighs from sweating and allowing your skin to breathe. They are by no means a tight fit, which helps women jog comfortably and not feel insecure about their thighs. They are perfect for a long run while your thighs feel comfortable, sweat-free, and can breathe all the way.


  • They have a small internal pocket for storing keys and other accessories
  • The polyester contributes to longer durability
  • The loose-fitting is comfortable for all body sizes
  • Appealing in appearance


  • Don’t have larger, outside pockets
  • Might not be the preferred tight fit for some women

Tricot Side Panel: These shorts have a tricot side panel that aids in running and gives the shorts an athletic appeal. The tricot keeps away any sweat during your run and is also very breathable, allowing proper air ventilation.

1. Oalka Women’s Running Shorts

Oalka Women’s Running Shorts

These shorts are the best for fitting snugly to your thighs and waist. The stretchable spandex material allows comfort and clings to your thighs without riding up when you jog. It also holds your tummy in, preventing the awkward juggling feeling that you might get. This is especially great for new moms who are looking to start a jogging routine but might feel a little self-conscious.

Although the material appears to be thin, it isn’t see-through at all. The shorts are very breathable and prevent excessive sweat while you’re hitting the pavement. These shorts have a 9-inch seam, which makes them super comfortable and well fitted. Another plus is their sleek and modern design, which is sure to turn heads while you run past them.


  • They are well fitted
  • Keep your waist in a snug hold
  • Do not ride up your thigh when you’re running


  • They may be a bit smaller for some women

High-Waisted Shorts: These shorts have the benefit of being high waisted, which is excellent for anyone who feels a little conscious of their tummy while running. It’s perfect for keeping your waist snuggly fitted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What should I look for while buying running shorts?

Selecting the running shorts that best meet your needs and provide comfort is no joke, especially if you have bigger thighs that are more prone to chaffing. This is why it is essential to look at the following factors while shopping for a pair of shorts.

  • Your shorts should fit your thighs – they shouldn’t be tight enough to constrict blood flow but should also fit in the right places.
  • They should be comfortable while running – the main goal for these shorts is to be as comfy as possible. Running is a strenuous activity, and if your shorts aren’t suited to your body, it can be a lot harder to concentrate on running, and you can harm your skin. Stretchable materials that allow the skin to breathe are best suited for this.
  • The material they are made of – ensuring that your shorts are of the right material is important. Choose fabrics that are moisture-absorbing, stretchable, and durable. These will last longer and be a lot more convenient to run in.

2.   Is breathability really an important factor while buying running shorts?

The straightforward answer to this is yes! Breathability means that the material used can allow air ventilation through it, allowing for good moisture control and sweat prevention. This helps keep unpleasant body odor at bay while you’re out for a jog with your friends. Another benefit is preventing the growth of harmful bacteria that may cause various skin infections that are neither pretty to look at nor feel good. Breathable shorts usually have a mesh lining either under the whole article or just the sides allowing ample ventilation for your skin.

3.   What is the recommended fabric choice for running shorts?

This is a crucial factor in choosing the correct shorts as the shorts’ durability and quality depend on the fabric used to make them. The materials used most commonly include synthetic or natural fibers. The natural fibers are mostly cotton, which can absorb sweat and water but cannot stop them from soaking through the shorts into the skin. On the other hand, the synthetic fibers are made of either polyester or spandex or a blend of both and have outstanding moisture-wicking abilities. They are a good choice for runners who tend to sweat more.

4.   Did I choose the right running shorts for myself?

Only you can tell if the running shorts you’ve chosen are the right fit for you or not. A good pair of running shorts will:

  • Not make your skin sweaty
  • Provide good air circulation around your thighs
  • Not stick to your thighs while you jog
  • Keep away moisture and sweat

5.   Are the running shorts enough to prevent chaffing?

Chaffing is a result of your thighs rubbing together, especially after sweating a lot. It can happen to anyone, but people with bigger thighs have it worse than others due to a lesser thigh gap. This not only causes an unpleasant and painful feeling but can also cause the skin to redden. Only choosing good running shorts might not be enough to prevent this issue for some women, so additional steps are a must. You can also apply a lotion or baby powder to prevent friction while your thighs rub together, or wearing compression shorts under the running shorts can provide extra protection to your legs.

6.   Should pockets be a necessity while considering running shorts?

Yes, pockets are a necessity for any outfit, including running shorts. They are particularly important as they help carry essential items such as keys, wallets, and cell phones, which are a 24/7 need. You can also take your iPod and headphones to enjoy music while on your morning run. Some running shorts now also come with zipped pockets allowing maximum security for your belongings.


Running is becoming a widely popular sport, and more women are partaking in the activity. However, running requires proper attire to ensure that you are the most comfortable while indulging in a morning jog. Women with bigger thighs may have a greater problem of chaffing than others, and the best way to overcome it is by selecting the running shorts that fit best and are the most comfortable.

The choices mentioned above are excellent options for anyone who has faced problems while running because of their thighs rubbing together and sweat build up. We hope they will make your jogging experience a pleasurable one.

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