Checklist for Camping in A Cabin

Checklist for Camping in A Cabin


Are you planning camping in a cabin experience? Is this your first time or you have done this before as well? Irrespective of the number of times you have gone for a cabin camping trip, you have to always make sure that you have all the essentials packed with you. You don’t want to miss anything important so that you can enjoy your camping without stressing out. You can enjoy your time and release your stress. No rain or storm can ruin your plans when you are in a cabin. 

Camping is a wonderful experience and is a great way to take a break. An escape from the busy city like a cabin camping plan in a forest or near a beach is a perfect way to give your mind and body the relief and comfort it deserves. The best thing about cabin camping is that you do not have to worry about the weather much. 

Camping in a cabin has the same basis as the other camping experiences but there are a few factors that are completely different and need attention. Before you make a checklist for camping in a cabin, you need to consider a few very important things to ensure you enjoy every moment of this experience. 

Factors you must consider before you make a camping checklist 

Checklist for Camping in A Cabin

1.  Duration of your stay

Before you make a checklist, make sure you are confident about the number of days you plan to camp. You don’t want to under or overpack. 

2.  Number of people

You must pack all essentials according to the number of people you are packing for. If you are taking, your whole family along, your checklist should reflect that. The same goes if you are just packing for yourself. 

3.  Facilities in your cabin

Not all cabins are similar. Your checklist should match the facilities available in your cabin. Some cabins have just basic things such as a dining table with chairs and a basic mattress. Some cabins have an electricity connection. Such cabins often have a refrigerator and a small kitchen. 

When it comes to toilets, there are cabins with private toilets and there are some with shared. Sometimes some cabin owners give you a fire grill and a pit to cook food. It is very crucial to know what you will get when you arrive in your cabin.  Ask all these things when you book a cabin so you pack accordingly. 

4.  Camping area

Always have some basic information about the area you plan to camp in. Do search on the facilities around, especially hospital and police services. If you are camping with children, keep these things in mind. Also, check if the cabin will have a basic aid box in case of emergencies. 

5.  Transport to the camping site

If you have a car to reach your camping site, you can carry as many things as want. There are no limitations until your car is full. But if you plan to trek to your cabin, you need to make sure you do not have anything extra. You need to consider the weight of things you can carry to your destination. 

6.  Glamping

Glamping is a luxury edition of camping. It involves camping in a luxury cabin, more like a hotel where you have all the luxurious amenities. From a personal kitchen to a separate bathroom, you get all the basic and not so basic facilities to enjoy. If you are on a Glamping trip, your checklist will be quite different from a normal camping trip. 

All these factors must be properly considered before you head over to your checklist of items to pack. 

Checklist for items to pack

Below is the list of items you must pack before you go on your camping tour. Remember you can always adjust the list according to the factors mentioned above. 

  • Bedding: Pack at least two bedding linens per day if you are packing for yourself. 
  • Towels: Keep both bath and hand towels with you. If you are sharing a toilet, avoid sharing your towel. 
  • Brush and Toothpaste: Keep these both in your bags. 
  • Kitchen and utensils: If your cabin doesn’t provide any kitchen facilities, keep your cooking utensils and a basic bowl with a spoon in your bag. 
  • Extra clothes: Always keep extra clothes. If you plan to trek, hike or swim keep appropriate clothing for all activities. 
  • Food and Water:  Keep extra bottles of water and any snacks. If you will have to completely cook on your own, keep packets of noodles, rice, spices, and cooking oil as required. 
  • Dish cleaning materials: if you just have one bowl and a spoon, you need some dish cleaning supplies to make full use of the cutlery. 
  • Torchlight: This is important for your night-time expeditions. 
  • Matches: Keep a box or two to light fire. 
  • First Aid Kit: Even if the cabin has it already, keep one in any case. Make sure it has all the basic medicines, bandages, and ointments. 
  • Sunscreen: Do not forget your sunscreen at any cost. Even if you are camping in a cloudy area, keep your sunscreen handy. 
  • Games to Play: Keep some board and card games handy to spend a good time in your cabin. 
  • Battery Bank: Keep an external battery bank to charge your phone, if necessary. We don’t recommend you to use your phone unnecessarily on a camping trip but keep it with you at all times. 

Bottom Line

Camping in a cabin is a wonderful way to treat yourself and when you will have everything important with you, there is no way you won’t enjoy the experience to the fullest. You can modify the list above according to your needs and requirements. 

On a camping trip, always make sure to be a good camper. Clean your trash when you leave your cabin. Take care of other campers and do not be very noisy. If you are sharing a toilet, keep it clean. Make this trip a wonderful adventure for both yourself and the other campers.

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