Hiking Trip Apparel for 50⁰F

Hiking Trip Apparel for 50⁰F

Nature has blessed us with unspoiled landscapes. Development and urbanization have cleared most of it in the cities, but we can still take advantage of it in the rural areas. Taking a long walk, or hiking on such routes serves as a recreational activity and is a good exercise for the body. The idea is to utilize minimum resources and walking on foot while watching amazing views around you.  The hiking or trekking trip practically costs nothing. It lets you have a great day outdoors while discovering the magnificence of nature.

Hiking is a good practice to invest time in the countryside and lose yourself in nature. It helps keep you fit and strengthen your mind. It is a leisure activity that millions of people enjoy.

Suitable Time for Hiking

Suitable Time for Hiking

The time most people consider best for hiking is during the spring and summer seasons. It is when the weather is moderate, and you can freely roam on the trails. During this time, the trees are lush green, and sweetly scented flowers are blooming all around the place. It is a sight to behold and will levitate your spirits.

If you are a survivalist and can withstand colder temperatures, you can also plan your hiking trip in the fall and winter seasons. The bare trees are without leaves and their usual green covers. The trails dusted with snow. This time of the year brings out the charm and lets you view this experience from a different perspective. Another added advantage of going hiking in the fall or winter season is that you can freely take photos and enjoy the beauty of nature around you with calmness. During the spring and summer season, people flood the national parks and trails meant for trekking. The abundance of public affects the overall practice. On the other hand, in the colder weather, the same tracks are less crowded letting you enjoy it to the fullest.

Hiking Gear

Hiking Gear

The hiking trip is made on foot, so the utilities you bring with you must be minimal and cover every aspect. Choosing the correct hiking gear is crucial because it can make or break your hiking trip. Even if you are a beginner or have many years of practice, having the correct items with you is necessary. The hiking gear is for your protection and safety.

Different individuals would suggest different types of hiking gear depending on their personal preference. The items that are a must-have include several things. Hiking boots with a good fitting, a lightweight yet spacious bag-pack, and clothing chosen according to the weather and temperature. If you plan camping then, you will need a tent that is easy to set up. Camping lights with reliable batteries, a portable stove that helps you cook simple meals, and do not forget the sleeping bag. A swiss army knife because it is compact and it will facilitate you in the tough times.

What to Wear for Hiking in Spring?

What to Wear for Hiking in Spring

Selecting suitable clothing for hiking is very important. Going on a hiking trip does not necessarily mean that you have to plan a shopping spree before-hand. The clothes you select to wear must be in coherence with the weather and temperature. It should be something to make you comfortable while walking for long hours. During the spring season, the weather starts to change, and the sun shines brightly. The spring season is not too cold, but if the wind starts blowing, you might experience chilly weather. This can increase the temperature to a pleasant 50⁰F to 69⁰F.

Choose a lightweight shirt made out of natural fibers that do not irritate your skin. If the weather is clear, pack a weather-resistant jacket in your bag-pack to use later if you need another layer to keep warm. It is suggested that you wear clothing in layers when you choose to go on a hiking trip. They provide insulation and can be added or removed according to the temperature of your surroundings. A light-weight wool sweater is also on the list in case you feel cold.

Select long pants for hiking in the spring. Most women choose yoga pants or good-fitting leggings made of cotton materials on their hiking trips. Apart from being comfortable and skin friendly you already have them inside your closet. Its fabric must be water-resilient so that it doesn’t bother you much if you come across a light shower on your trip. Also remember to carry a raincoat if you expect precipitation in the weather forecast.

It is best to choose waterproof yet lightweight and sturdy boots to prevent your feet from getting wet on the way. Shoes that provide good traction will make you stand your ground even on difficult trails. The socks that go with these boots must be made of wool or any other synthetic material. Wool is great to keep your feet warm apart from absorbing moisture and odor. Always keep a dry pair of socks to change into if you get yours wet.

Remember to keep a hat to protect yourself from the sun or rain. Keep a pair of sunglasses and your favorite sunscreen in your bag too.

Don’t forget to wear gloves to keep your hands comfy especially at night when the temperature drops. People tend to choose light-weight gloves that keep your hands warm and don’t tend to be uncomfortable.

There are some clothing items you should avoid while hiking. Firstly, cross out any ill-fitting or flimsy shoes because they will prove to be a hindrance for you on your trip. Silk or lace blouses should be avoided as they tend to get tangled into stems on the way. Cotton socks are famous among hikers for causing blisters because they slide around in your shoes.


When you plan for your next hiking trip, rest assured you cannot control the weather; the predictions can also go wrong. Mother Nature can wreck your plans anytime. Plan according to the type and distance of your trail and always gear up for your hiking trip with the latest Hiking Trip Apparel for 50⁰F

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