What Airbnb's CEO Thinks About the Future of Travel Marketing

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AirBnB CEO: Destination Should be the Focus of Marketing

Airbnb aims to top online travel competitors with focus on accommodations.

AirBnB Wants to Topple the travel Industry

Airbnb's new accommodation search feature allows users to find more than 180 million searches

Brian Chesky to speak at Skift Global Forum: What will he say?

"Airbnb's use of performance marketing, public relations and brand marketing

Expedia CEO confesses: "We joked that we didn't have a funnel. We had a sieve"

AirBnB to continue investing in experiences business in 2023

Airbnb Doubles down on Marketing in Second Quarter.

Booking Holdings CFO:
Company has changed its acquisition strategy

Ian Goulden: Tourism Is 'Something We Want to Continue to Focus On'

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