Vegas is a terrific place to spend 48 hours.

Las Vegas hosts enough distractions that you could easily spend two weeks there without getting a substantial edge. However, you will need 48 hours in Las Vegas to make the most of all that the city has to offer.

Stay on the Strip

For a 48-hour stay, it's better to summarize your lodging near the Las Vegas strip. The choices to choose a hotel in Vegas are many, but competition can be quite fierce in that market. Even if booking in advance, you should find a range of excellent deals.

Some hotels with casinos offer discounts for their rooms. They're hoping that you'll spend more money gambling in the room than elsewhere. By chance, they could be right.


- The Strip, Las Vegasr

Go on a tour or go see a performance.

Look at the assortment of sights available and decide what appeals to you. For tough performers, Cirque du Soleil consistently draws long lines of spectators.

Stadium Swim, The Wynn

Do what you can to eat

The abundance of buffets in Las Vegas may be enough encouragement for you to skip mass if you wish to.

Buffet restaurant, Bellagio

See The Strip   as high up as possible.

Make sure that your fitness tracker is recording your steps while you walk along the Las Vegas Strip. It's a six-mile-long promenade.

High Roller, Las Vegas