Top Towable Tubes Suited For Adults In 2022

Best Towable Tubes Suited For Adults In 2021


There are a few things that make a day at the beach more fun than being pulled along with a boat at blasting speeds. If you don’t know what we’re talking about you’re missing out on maximum water sports potential.

Towable tubes can turn the swimming season from fun to obnoxiously fun. Tubing can also serve as a great entry point for water sports.

Their multi capacity makes them great for riding along with family or a group of friends. Some of the best towable tubes for adults offer a variety of riding options ranging from laying down on your stomach, sitting, or even standing up. Giving you the added option of choosing your experience. Smooth sailing on the sea or a thrilling ride. Their great versatility means people of all ages can find them enjoyable.

Today we’ll take a look at some of the best towable tubes available for adults. Each with a unique design for different riding experiences to suit your interests.

Top Towable Tubes Suited For Adults In 2022

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6. Sportsstuff Super Mable Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Super Mable Towable Tube

Sportsstuff is one of the leading manufacturers in the towable tube market and the Super Mable is one of their best selling products. It’s an all-round tube that offers many riding positions

It’s versatility and extra attention to comfort makes it an appealing choice for adults.


  • Supports up to 3 adults
  • Greater comfort with cushioned walls, backrest, and seating.
  • Safety Valve aids in easy inflation and deflation
  • Patented connect point for quick rope connection
  • Multiple handles with knuckle guards


  • Lacks long term durability
  • Heavy Weight

Dual towing: The Sportsstuff Super Mable offers an array of features but the star among them is their dual towing points. Tow from the front and utilize the backrest for a comfortable and easy ride. Or you can go chariot style by towing from the back with the backrest in front of you. Allowing for a truly unique experience every ride. Their Kwik-Connect makes rope connection less of a hassle.

5. Airhead Mach Towable Tube for Boating

Airhead Mach Towable Tube for Boating

This 2-seater towing tube suits those who are more comfortable with proper seating than in open air. It’s simple yet modern design makes it an appealing option for adults

The Airhead Mach Towable doesn’t lose out when it comes to durability and longevity. With a double-stitched partial nylon cover and a heavy-gauge bladder made from PVC.

All in all, this product is a terrific option for solo and duo riders.


  • Padded Handles allow for better grip
  • The double-stitched cover makes for better durability
  • Easy inflation and deflation


  • Supports only 2 people
  • The cockpit might be a bit cramped for larger adults

Dedicated cockpits: Airhead Mach Towable Tube is designed with 2 defined cockpits with handles on each side. Combined with the head and backrest, this tube allows for a safer more comfortable ride. This particular design however allows you to ramp up the speed for a faster, more thrilling ride.

4. Wow Watersports Thriller Water Towable Tube

Wow Watersports Thriller Water Towable Tube

Wow watersports offer a wide range of water sport accessories and inflatable to suit the interest of many buyers. This deck tube offers the classical deck tube experience with easy-grip handles located at the front of the tube. Its large deck size makes it great for simply lounging in the water after you’re done riding.


  • Tapered Construction
  • Budget-friendly
  • Larger size deck
  • Durable tuff shell full nylon cover
  • Suitable for high-speed riding


  • Lacks backrest and added support

Lacks support for Kwik-connect: Meaning that you need a connector rope to connect the tube to the towing rope. This needs to be kept in mind while taking the tube for a ride. Despite the lack of a quick connection, we still think this product seems to cover a lot of features for its price point.

3. Sportsstuff Chariot Warbird 2 Towable Tube

Sportsstuff Chariot Warbird 2 Towable Tube

Another great product from Sportsstuff is the chariot warbird. It is a racing car themed chariot style tube generally suited for 2-3 adult riders. Built from heavy-gauge PVC and sporting a full nylon cover it is a quite robust device.

The chariot warbird also incorporates safety valves and quick connect to make inflation and storage an easy process.


  • Too big and heavy for speed turn
  • Dual tow points
  • Durable and Robust
  • Wide backrest


  • Design Problems
  • Too heavy for sharp turns

Design Issues: Some customers have found out that the tube tends to collect inside the tube. Drain holes near the backrest could potentially prevent this problem. But it’s important to note that the tube may become filled with water while it is submerged.

2. Airhead G-Force Towable Tube

Airhead G-Force Towable Tube

The G-Force 3 is one of Airhead’s best-selling tubes on the market and for good reason. It offers street art-inspired design, finished with a flaming red color that is sure to stand out in the waters

This product is suitable for solo and multiple riders, being able to support up to 3 people.

It offers 6 different handles and knuckles pads for support during a thrilling ride.

What’s most impressive however is it’s extremely tough robust built with its 30 gauge PVC bladder and 840-denier double-stitched nylon cover


  • Supports up to 3 people
  • Speed valve
  • Extremely durable


  • Some customers have complaints about defective valve 

Bolster Fins: Airhead boasts about the stability of this product and the customers agree. Its streamlined design and stabilizing fins claim to conquer centrifugal force, allowing you to stay upright during your ride. All of this ultimately prevents the tube from flipping over easily

1. Rave Razor Towable Tube

Rave Razor Towable Tube

The razor towable tube by Razer is a 2-seater trick style boat. It has a unique triangular shape and quite a small surface area. It has a weight capacity of about 305 pounds which means it can seat 2 adults easily.

It also includes 4 nylon-covered handles for support plus a quick connect towing point.

The cover is of extremely durable quality and is made of non-fading polyester. This means this tube can easily take a lot of heat from the sun without losing its color.


  • Suit 2 adults
  • Non-fading UV cover
  • Budget-friendly


  • Complication in setting up the tube
  • Small size

Requires dedicated pump: Due to its unique shape, the razor tube requires a special type of pump for inflation. Also, the lack of a speed valve makes the process a bit of a hassle. An air pump used for inflating air mattresses would be more suitable for using this tube.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What kind of rope do you need for towing?

Keep in mind that towing ropes are specially designed with towing tubes in mind. Meaning that ropes used for other water sports cannot be exchanged for your purposes. The WSIA (Water Sports Industry Association) also has guidelines for different towing ropes based on the number of riders. Never use a multi-rider tube with a rope that is not recommended, regardless of how many people are on board.

2.   What kind of boat can be used to pull tubes?

One of the joys of tubing is that you can do it with virtually any kind of boat including but not limited to deck boats, bowriders, ski boats, and cruisers.

3.   What is a recommended pump for towable tubes?

We recommend the Airhead pumps which are specifically manufactured to inflate different kinds of water tubes, including towables. The customized adapters for their products also make the inflation process much easier.

4.   Do I need to wear anything particular while water tubing?

You can opt to wear a life jacket while tubing. We also recommend wearing a rash guard to prevent any irritation caused by repetitive friction.

5.   How to patch a water tube?

Most of the manufacturing brands sell patch kits with their products. To patch a water tube simply scratch the surface of the rubber around the puncture, apply the glue and patch and let dry.


A variety of tube designs offer different levels of security and support. So whether you’re a newbie on the water or an adrenaline junkie you can usually find what works for you.

Durability and safety are also something to consider. You want to make sure your tube lasts you the summer without constantly having to replace it. Attention to safety in design ensures that any accidents can be avoided.

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